Best Teen TV BFFs

I’ve been watching Jane By Design and the friendship that Billy and Jane share is so cute and all around awesome. They’re definitely one of my favorite BFF pairings on TV right now.


So naturally I started remembering all the best teen TV BFFs over the years. Here’s my list:

Kimmy Gibbler & D.J. Tanner

Photo: Flavorwire

For all those Full House fans out there, you know that Kimmy and D.J.’s bond was quite special. Though they appear to be total opposites, it works in their favor. D.J. keeps Kimmy from getting too wild and crazy and Kimmy helps D.J. walk on the wild side.

Photo: Full House Reviewed

These BFFs have been friends since elementary school and I like to think they’re still BFFs somewhere, despite the Gibbler’s retro clothing.

Ryan Atwood & Seth Cohen

Photo: OC Caps

Seth Cohen was a geek with no friends. Ryan Atwood was a problem child. And by the magical powers of Sandy Cohen’s eyebrows, these two forged a brotherhood and bromance that lasted four seasons and beyond.

Photo: Fanpop

With Seth’s wits and Ryan’s brawn, these two made it through romances, corporate espionage, Paris Hilton and dangerous biological siblings. It wasn’t always easy, but it was real. How real? Ryan was Seth’s best man at his wedding to Summer. Only real BFFs get that honor.

Cory & Hunter

Photo: IMDB

Cory and Topanga’s romance isn’t the only longstanding relationship on Boy Meets World. Cory and Shawn Hunter’s friendship is the stuff that TGIF TV blocks are made of.

Nerdy Cory and the ever-cool Hunter are the preteen — and later teen — odd couple. Cory helps Hunter through his family troubles and Hunter helps Cory get the girl. Hey, what are BFFs for?

Manny & Emma

Photo: Degrassi Wiki

Friends since their first day at Degrassi, Manny and Emma went through it all — fights, losing JT, break-ups, betrayals, topless videos and name-calling (Manny called Emma a “prude princess” and Emma called Manny the “school slut”) — but these two always have each others backs.

Photo: Degrassi Wiki

Whether it’s cyber stalkers, anorexia or spirit squad, Manny and Emma bury the hatchet and battle through together. And let’s be real, making it through Degrassi is dramatic enough as it is. A good BFF can only make it easier.

Clarissa & Sam

Photo: Amy Pie Honey Bunch

Possibly the coolest teen TV best friends that ever lived, Clarissa and Sam were the first teen show that featured a boy and girl as platonic friends without romance blossoming.

Photo: Clarissa Wiki

Clarissa was the fashionista feminist trying to destroy her brother. Sam was the scientist/surfer who had a penchant for climbing through her bedroom window. And the coolest thing of all? Sam’s entrance guitar rift.

Kenan & Kel

Photo: Fanshare

“Aw, here it goes!” These two BFFs had Coolio sing a theme song about their friendship and antics. If that’s not epic, I don’t know what is.

Kenan loves scheming. Kel loves orange soda. Together they ruin people’s houses, destroy public property and attempt hundreds of get-rich-quick schemes proving that the BFFs that scheme together, stay together.

Lizzie, Miranda & Gordo

Come on! If you loved Lizzie McGuire the way I did, then you had to love these BFFs. Gordo, Miranda and Lizzie wouldn’t last a day alone in middle school or high school. Lucky for them, they don’t have to.

The trio awkwardly fumbled through puberty and managed to stay attached at the hip despite high school hierarchy. Sure, Gordo and Lizzie later fall in love, but animated Lizzie would never leave behind her best gal pal Miranda.

Well that’s my list. I considered the Pretty Little Liars girls, but they seem to be friends by circumstance, not choice. And I even considered Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl, but their friendship is based on money and status — I mean, would Blair be friends with Serena if she was poor?

Like these BFFs? Think I’m missing anyone? Share in the comments!


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