CW Picks Up Sex and the City Prequel & Then Some!

Looks like The CW knows their network needs some new blood. They’ve picked up the much-gossiped about Carrie Diaries. The show would be a Sex and the City prequel, following Carrie’s early years in New York City. No word on who’s playing young Carrie Bradshaw.

I'm coming your way bitches. PHOTO: Fashion Diary

The CW has also picked up a revamp of the old Beauty and the Beast television series. Which is odd considering no one went and saw that Vanessa Hudgens revamp last year.

For comic book nerds — like me — The CW has found a potential Smallville replacement in their new Green Arrow series called Arrow. Hopefully they’ll do it justice (yes, that was a terrible Justice League pun. Get with it).

Green Arrow, yo. PHOTO: Deadline

They’ve also picked up Cult. And all I know for sure is that it’s a “spooky-sounding thriller,” which The CW previously passed on.

And lastly, The CW has acquired the rights to the Canadian drama L.A. Complex about six young performers pursuing their dreams in Hollywood. (For some reason this just sounds like failed show The Beautiful Life, but Canadian) They’ll start airing L.A. Complex this spring.

So there you have it. New shows galore! Do any of these sound good to you?


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