Poll: Should Gossip Girl Be Cancelled?

Once upon a time Gossip Girl was the hottest show on TV. But the times have changed. Now Gossip Girl shares the dishonor of being the least watched show on the CW with Nikita.

SERENA: Yeah, I'm voting that they cancel this shiz! I want to spend more time in Hollywood! PHOTO: Geek Sugar

GG nabbed a series low 0.6 adults 18-49 earlier this season. And it’s only nabbed 0.7 twice since then. The storylines are crappier than ever. Blair’s pregnant, she’s not pregnant. She loves Dan, she loves Chuck. Serena gets a job in PR. Serena gets a job in Hollywood. And Nate is…around.

Aren’t we all tired of this show? Don’t we wish it would just die already and retain some of its dignity? Or should we hope that it gets renewed (and those chances look slim) and become great once more? You decide!

BLAIR: If we get cancelled, it's your fault! ALL the guys on this show are supposed to love me! PHOTO: CW

I’m voting cancelled. I mean, you’re ranking with Nikita now GG? That’s an UES embarrassment.


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