WTH Is Hanna Marin Wearing?!

Last night’s Pretty Little Liars was the most anti-climatic episode ever. Turns out Lucas wasn’t a psycho killer, just a bad gambler. Maya isn’t getting texts from “A,” she’s just dodging an ex. And Mona is just a sobbing mess. Aside from this, we also saw Ezra avoid Aria and Hanna continue her selfish phase. I guess wearing crap like this is part of the phase:


 HANNA MARIN, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! As my friend Caroline said, you look like a Madonna reject. The tights are ok. The skirt is fine. But the fringe top? NO. This is the second week in a row that you’ve worn some kind of hideous poncho top. STOP IT. PLEASE.

EMILY: Let's not do this look again, OK? PHOTO: ABC Family

Emily — the only Liar to never be put in a “WTH Are You Wearing?!” post– knows a bad outfit when she sees one. Emily knows that fringe, rope and lace NEVER go together. Please consult your roommate before leaving the house from now on, Hanna. You’re on outfit probation. (P.S. Emily, your make-up is amazing!)

Meanwhile Aria decided to try on some fur:


ARIA MONTGOMERY, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! You look like Fergie. That is not a compliment. That faux-fur vest looks like an old rug from my grandfather’s smelly smoking room. Those leggings look like you were in a knife fight. And that beanie makes you look like a confused hipster.


Don’t you love how Aria is looking at Spencer all like “What? Is there some kind of problem here?” And you just know Spencer is giving her that disgusted look she gave Hanna for doing the hanky panky on her granny’s sofa. The truth is that Aria’s outfit is not only terrible, it’s not her style! Please go back to wearing see-through shirts, lace gloves and black heart earrings.

What did you think of last night’s episodes? Super chic or super eek?



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3 responses to “WTH Is Hanna Marin Wearing?!

  1. Caroline

    HAHAHAHA!!!!! “Those leggings look like you were in a knife fight. And that beanie makes you look like a confused hipster.”

  2. Cathy

    This post is ridiculous, everyone has their own sense of style and I think the caracters look ok even though I wouldn’t wear that pieces of clothes together (because they don’t reflect my style otr my personality) but they actually can pull them of just because the colors do go well together. And what’s up with the creativity nowadays? Everyone has the right to be themselves and to be diferent, thats what makes you beeing you and me beeing me. If everyone in the world had the same sense of fashion and the same clothes it would be SO FREAKING BORING! I think the people from pretty little liars set really know that, and thats why they have been chosing some diferent, creative and unexpected items for the caracters. And keep in mind: IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT EVERYONE ELSE THINKS ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE WEARING, SINCE YOU FEEL GREAT WEARING IT!

    • A

      Cathy I completely agree people are allowed to be different and have clothes that reflect your personality and I personally love Hannah’s outfit and arias is nice

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