{Jane By Design} Tutu or Not to Tutu

I’ve been watching Jane By Design and I still can’t decide if Jane’s outfits (overall) are inspired or awful. It’s easy to pin down Gray’s style (minimalist & chic) and India’s (skanky club attire), but Jane’s style is quirky. She mixes lots of brights and fabrics, wears funky shoes and most of all, she loves herself a tutu.

"Girl, why is this tutu being strangled with a leather belt?" PHOTO: ABC Family

I’m not one to suggest tutus are a no-no. But there’s only been two episodes and I’ve seen four tutus. That’s a lot of tulle, girl.


In her defense, she’s worn those tutus like it was her job.

PHOTO: ABC Family.com

They do help keep her style whimsical and age-appropriate. But are they high-fashion enough for her office? Are they couture enough to be worn down the runway (as her pink dress was in this week’s episode)?


You tell me. To tutu or not to tutu? Would you try this trend? I think that’s kind of the point: Jane’s style is all her own and no one in high school walks the halls in military jackets and tutus, except for her…and me. I love crazy pieces. Give me a wild print, leather pants, Clueless-style hat and I’m in heaven. (Not worn together though. Relax. I’m not trying to look Helena Bonham Carter status)

But here’s thing: I’ve got a tulle gray maxi skirt in my closet and it’s going to get some major play. World, you can thank Jane for that.


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