Results: Which Returning Show Are You Most Excited to See?

With all of our favorite shows returning in just a few days, I decided to take a look at the results of this poll. And there were no surprises here. Pretty Little Liars crushed the competition.


Congratulations Liars! You may be under suspicion for murder and constantly blackmailed by an anonymous psycho with too much free time and a great cell phone plan, but at least you won this poll! By how much you ask? Well, not even The Vampire Diaries could catch them…and vampires are super fast…

Which Returning Show Has You Super Excited?

Answer Percent
Pretty Little Liars because you need your “A” fix. 45%
Vampire Diaries because everything in that town is straight up crazy. 23%
The Lying Game because we want Ethan to stop wearing a shirt. 9%
Gossip Girl because you live in 2007. 9%
The Secret Circle because it’s written in the stars. 5%
Hart of Dixie because it warms your heart. 5%
Degrassi because it helps you make life decisions. 5%
Switched at Birth because you need a soap-opera in your life. 0%

Pretty Little Liars dominated with a whopping 45%. Second place went to The Vampire Diaries with 23%. Somehow The Lying Game and Gossip Girl both came in at 9%. That’s expected for GG, but are there really so few Lying Game fans?

But what’s my favorite part of this poll? The fact that no one voted for Switched at Birth. Does no one want to see that show? I mean, I know I don’t. But I thought there was a serious fan-base. Ah, well.

Lucky for everyone all these shows will return in the next few weeks. Find a complete list of return and premiere dates on my sidebar.

Rest up bitches! PHOTO: ABC Family

And rest up bitches! I have a feeling Pretty Little Liars is going to be super insane this season.



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2 responses to “Results: Which Returning Show Are You Most Excited to See?

  1. Anastasia

    What happened to Ali in pretty little liars is pretty interesting, but my choice is vampire dieries at all times! and that’s because i want my Ian fix 😀

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