Jane By Design Opening: Yay or Nay?

By now, I’m sure you all know that ABC Family’s new show Jane By Design premieres Tuesday. Well I’ve gotten my hands on the title sequence for the show and it’s time to judge.

You have to judge ABC Family openings on a scale of awesome to lame, which ranges from Pretty Little Liars on the awesome end, The Lying Game in the middle (because despite great music, it’s just a chick in a pool) and Make It or Break It at the lame end of the opening pool.

What we have here is a nice representation of what the show will be about: Jane is going from high school to high fashion. She’s shuffling around her super cute closet and before stepping out into the fashion world. Unfortunately, once she steps into the fast lane, she’s literally standing in the middle of a road. I get it. It’s a shoot! They’re shooting outside! But still. I would have preferred an actual high price studio. And way more clothing.

I also feel cheated with Andie McDowell in this opening, which I hope isn’t going to be the case for show. Please let it be that I’m reading too much into her lackluster attempts to be Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. Please let Andie shine! She has such great hair and she’s so fabulous!


Overall the opening is cute. Short, but cute. Jane seems so excited about fashion and being there. And I have to give her snaps for her daring fashion endeavors.

Mostly I just want to know more about the show. How does a highschooler get a job dressing models at photoshoots? Where do I sign up sister? Cause for reals, I’d be the neatest, best-accessorizing closet helper ever. Andie would be like, “Jane who?”

What are your thoughts? Excited for this show or wishing it would go the way of Chloe King?



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