A Glee Holiday WTH Are They Wearing?!

Let us take a moment to reflect on the horrendous Glee “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” episode. Now I would love to not recap that for you. Instead let’s look at something not so extraordinary:

PHOTO: Vulture

RACHEL BERRY, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! Look. I get it. The dress is red. Red is a Christmas color. But why the old lady cut? Why the little Dutch girl halo braid? And lastly, why the smug face while holding matching tinsel like it’s a feather boa?

Quinn’s dress is pretty cute and it’s refreshing to see her smiling for a change. But who told Tina that Christmas-time meant wrap yourself in ill-fitting tartan like you’re a present being shipped to Scotland? Again, the tinsel boas AREN’T WORKING.

PHOTO: Fashion of Glee

Also in this episode, Mike Chang thinks dressing up as Freddie Kruger is festive.

PHOTO: Fashion of Glee

And Britney gets teepeed. Oops guys! That’s a Halloween thing. Not a Christmas thing. Apparently in Lima, they mix and match holiday traditions (just like they do their clothing).

PHOTO: Fashion of Glee

They also gave a costume tribute to Barbarella.


And lastly, there were Santa hat earmuffs. And they’re smiling while wearing them! HAVE THEY NO SHAME?!

Ah well. What do you think of the outfits? Super chic or super eek?


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