Pretty Little Liars Will Reveal “A” This Season!

Someone explain this ad campaign to me. Do tea parties and secrets go hand in hand? PHOTO: ABC Family

GASP! Finally Pretty Little Liars will reveal the identity of the elusive and evil “A.” PLL producers say Rosewood will discover the truth in the season finale on March 19! Of course they’re not giving out any hints. But it was pretty clear from the Winter premiere promos that the Liars are totally pissed about the hard-knock life in jail and on the hunt for their trouble-making texter. [Via]

SPENCER: Nancy Drew never picked up trash on a roadside. "A" is going down. PHOTO: ABC Family

The suspense is killing me. Executive Producer Marlene King has said in past interviews that the show will not be following the books (which is pretty obvious already if you’ve read some of the series). With that said, I have no way of knowing who the F the elusive “A” is! But I do have some theories…

Could it be Mona?


She’s always been a total frenemy and she has the whole “You used to ignore me and make fun of me when I was a loser” motive. However, she has shown some affection for Hanna. And I can’t imagine her mowing her down with a car. Unless she’s really THAT twisted. Plus she could have help…from Noel.

Could it be Noel?

PHOTO: TV Over Mind

Not likely since we rarely even see him anymore. If he’s “A” then he’s been doing a great job of staying off the radar. What would the point be? He liked Alison. He liked Aria. And he didn’t find out about Ezria until AFTER “A” had already started their blackmail.

Could it be Ezra?


The whole “I luuuurve you Aria!” thing could be a cover. I mean, it worked in Scream, didn’t it?

Could it be Jason?

PHOTO: You Know You Love Fashion

He is a little creepy. And could have secrets to hide. But he seems a little too serious to even bother with texting or stalking. With the exception of those creepy photos of Aria. But he’s hot! So…yeah. I won’t let it be Jason.

Could it be Lucas?

PHOTO: TV Recappers Anonymous

Another student who was teased mercilessly by Alison back in the day. And he didn’t seem to like the girls either. Until Hanna came along. And broke his heart. I mean, “A” did force Hanna to dance with Lucas all night and diss Sean! And Lucas was one of the party-goers wearing that creepy baby-doll mask in the Halloween special!

Could it be Ashley?


I mean she was evil on Melrose Place. Am I supposed to believe she’s turned a new leaf? She sleeps with cops to erase charges and steals money and ex-husbands!

And finally, could it be Alison?

PHOTO: Ces101

Yes, Alison is dead. Or at least she appears to be dead. We never saw a body. And if “A” can steal pages from the autopsy report (and Spencer and Aria can break in by wearing costumes) how hard can it be to fake a death in this town? [POSSIBLE SPOILER: Plus, for those who’ve read the books, we know the crazy twist which has been hinted in the series. Particularly the Halloween episode’s opening parable about the twins.]


I’d love to hear more theories.


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One response to “Pretty Little Liars Will Reveal “A” This Season!

  1. noreeen

    hahaha the spencer-nancy drew references are so hilarious!
    seriously her detective outlook gets a lil annoying at times

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