Fashion Flashback…Heathers

So the other day Joanna (my lovely co-host for the Ally and Joanna Show) shot me an email about how she watched Heathers and it basically blew her mind. Which makes sense because there is a wide array of explosions going on during that movie. Naturally she was like, “Whoa the fashion,” and I was like, “Girl, you right!” Thus this post was born.

This film is the first and last time scrunchies had value. Photo: Kin Fashions

The truth is Heathers is the mother of all teen girl comedies. Without it there wouldn’t be Clueless or Mean Girls or Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl. And Heathers is so much edgier than all of those movies and shows combined. There’s no way a studio could get away with making Heathers today because it takes on a whole new eerily timely meaning with the focus being on teen suicide. But regardless, Heathers‘ dark humor, mean girl antics, crazy lingo and amazing fashion live on. With the exception of the scrunchie. Because that’s just not a good look anymore.

Pretty and preppy. Photo: Blog Bloody Blog

You wanna talk about preppy? Baby, ain’t no preppy like Heathers preppy because these bitches wear blazers while playing croquet. Blazers with shoulder pads.

I die for these outfits. Photo: Cycle Chicster

And Heather Chandler’s shoulders are bigger than the others. Can you say “Power dressing?” The opening croquet scene does a lot more than show us how the clique dynamic works, it also shows us the color play. Veronica and each Heather wear a specific color — green, blue, yellow and red — all the time.

Can you tell she's evil? Like Alison on Pretty Little Liars evil? Photo: Unknown

And red, of course, is the color for the head-bitch-in-charge.

Really? That's your sleepwear? Photo: Unknown

I mean, she has to be the HBIC. Look what she wears to bed! Flipping ribbons in her hair! Silk robes! I can only imagine that this is what Regina George looks like in the morning. Only friendlier.

That's why their hair is so's full of secrets! Photo: A.V. Club

Eat your heart out Blair Waldorf. The Heathers did school prep with a pinch of quirk long before Blair walked the halls of Constance. And in many ways, Shannen Doherty’s Heather Duke is the original incarnation of Miss Blair — cute, powerful and desperate.

Hell yeah blue tights! Photo: Blog Bloody Blog

Heathers is also the first time I remember seeing girls wear colored tights. Colored tights are such a staple today (thanks to the Gossip Girl/Blair Waldorf revival), but it’s nothing new.

"Carrie Bradshaw who?" Photo: Blog bloody Blog

One thing I love about Heathers‘ fashion is the little quirky accessories like a giant flower pin, which is later revived by Carrie Bradshaw during Sex and the City‘s run.

Hell yeah monocles! Photo:

And Winona Ryder’s Veronica rocks a freaking monocle in this movie. A MONOCLE! Screw hipster glasses! What’s more pretentious and hipster than wearing a monocle while you write furiously in your journal about murdering classmates and sleeping with Christian Slater?!

Stripes are timeless. Photo: Blog Bloody Blog

I love that girl's face. What is that emotion? Photo: Shoptiques

Fly hat Veronica! But what's your damage? Photo: Shoptique

These girls certainly know how to incorporate hats into their wardrobe, which I wouldn’t recommend for any fashion amateur. Hats are not made for everyone. And to find a hat that suits your face shape is just as difficult and important as finding a haircut that suits your face shape. However, hats spice up an outfit and make a statement. Just ask Dionne from Clueless.

This shot is totally copied in Bring It On and Clueless. Photo: Shoptiques

"So I'm just gonna tell her 'Lick it up, baby! Lick it up!'" Photo: Blog Bloody Blog

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone attempt suspender looks like these since this movie. It’s nice that you can see the trend worn two different ways too: preppy schoolgirl (for when you’re eating your feelings like Heather) and funky party girl (for when you’re going to college party). And yes, that’s the dress from the infamous, “Lick it up, baby,” scene.

I miss young Christian Slater. Sigh. Photo: carryondancingdoll

We should also give some honorable mention to Christian Slater’s Heathers style. He totally ushered in the 90s trenchcoat to school trend. (He loses points for the gun, of course.)

The original cheerleading Heather. Photo: Blog Bloody blog

Another honorable mention to Heather McNamara for being the original dumb cheerleading Heather. She too wears her uniform to school some days. There’s no knowledge of whether or not she was in the glee club.

Robert Palmer called. His model extras want their costumes back. Photo: postmodernish

Also mad props to this promo shot. The girls make 80s funeral attire so chic and vicious. Heather Duke looks desperate. Heather Chandler looks pristine and authoritative (with an amazing brooch!). Heather McNamara looks demure and invisible. And Veronica looks so cool all by her lonesome. Honestly, the Pretty Little Liars learned everything from them.

Explosions are awesome. Photo: Unknown

And lastly, props to Veronica for saving the school, lighting her cigarette with the fire from her homicidal boyfriend’s suicide, snatching that red scrunchie off Heather’s head and looking so cool while doing it.

What do you guys think about Heathers? How about their style? Is it totally chic or are you just like, “Fuck me gently with a chainsaw! I mean, girl, what’s your damage?!”



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