Episodes 16 & 17 – The Ally and Joanna Show

So I was sick and then I was lazy. And you may have missed out on some pretty great times with the Ally and Joanna Show!

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We’re back from Thanksgiving break! Did you miss us? We missed you. On this week’s episode we discuss how Secret Life kind of ruins The Descendants, 2.5 million dollar bras and more. Take a listen!

1. Joanna Reviews The Descendants – Alexander Payne’s latest movie was exactly what you should expect: funny and moving.

2. Ally Assesses the Victoria Secret Fashion Show – We couldn’t come up with any better topics.

3. The Muppets! – This movie is SO GOOD. That is all.

4. Pop Culture MinuteLove Actually is a great Christmas movie. Deal with it.



Breaking News: Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover has been leaked.. and we kind of dig it. You go, Glen Coco! Also on this week’s episode, 3D movies, Melancholia, why Christmas music doesn’t need to be remixed, and more. Take a listen!

1. Don’t Want No Scrubs – VH1 announced plans for a TLC biopic. Which crazy, sexy, cool actresses do we want to play Left Eye, Chili, and T-Boz?

2. Joanna Reviews Hugo – Joanna went to a 3D movie. The world did not end.

3. Ally and Joanna Discuss Melancholia – But the world did end in this Lars Von Trier movie and it was devastatingly beautiful.

4. Christmas Pop Culture Minute – Please stop turning “Santa Baby” into a club track.


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