Episode 15 – Ally and Joanna Show

It’s Ally and Joanna’s pre-Thanksgiving spectacular in which nothing spectacular happens. Unless you love a certain 90s Nickelodeon show known as “Cousin Skeeter”. Also on this week’s podcast: J. Edgar, why James Cagney would be a great boyfriend, and more.


Thanks for listening! As always, you can follow the Ally and Joanna Show on Tumblr and Twitter, subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, and email us at allyandjoannashow@gmail.com. What are you waiting for?

1. Save Community! – Ally and Joanna will fight NBC to the death to save one of their favorite shows.

2. Ally and Joanna Review J. Edgar – How did Clint Eastwood’s latest film go wrong? Let Ally and Joanna count the ways.

3. The Dead Actors Ally and Joanna Want To Bone* – Who wins in the eternal battles of Jimmy Stewart vs Cary Grant or Paul Newman vs Marlon Brando? Ally and Joanna discuss their Hollywood crushes. *Ally did not endorse this segment title.

4. Pop Culture Minute – Bradley Cooper is NOT the sexiest man alive.


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