Vampire Diaries: Bonnie Gets a New Lover Boy

Looks like Mystic Falls is getting a new resident! The Vampire Diaries has cast a new love interest for Bonnie.

"You mean, I could have a relationship with someone who isn't dead or into the undead? Cool." Photo: The CW

Let’s be real, it’s the least they could do. Her last boyfriend was Jeremy and after she brought him back from the dead he hooked up with a ghost in a bathroom.

"Yeah! I'm still sorry about that by the way. I mean, kind of sorry." Photo: The CW

Bonnie’s new lover boy, Jamie, will be played by Robert Ri’chard who you may remember from Veronica Mars and countless other shows. [Cousin Skeeter anyone?]

"I'm ready to be a good, rough around the edges boyfriend." Photo: MTV

Jamie is described as “a little rough around the edges,” which tells us nothing about his character when you really stop and think about it.

While this is all great, it’s heartbreaking for Damon-Bonnie shippers like me. Still, I’m just happy to see that Bonnie will have someone a little more badass to date. And girl, if he manages to avoid hooking up with vampires, werewolves or dead-girlfriends-past, I will be so happy for you!


Seriously, witchy! Like drinks from The Grill on me!


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