The Muppets Spoof Pretty Little Liars

The latest Muppets parody videos are spoofing ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars! And I’m loving it!

In “Pretty Little Piggy,” Miss Piggy mimics Aria’s signature “Shh” from the opening credits and does a pretty fantastic job copying Aria’s style too with those leopard print gloves!

And in “Piggy Little Liar,” Miss Piggy tells Kermit she’s been getting some weird texts from someone called “A.” Lucky for Miss Piggy, Kermy is a genius and discovers who “A” really is. [If only the Liars had a super smart green friend who could tell them who “A” is…]

I’ve got to hand it to the Muppets; their parodies have been hilarious. And it’s all getting me really excited for their movie opening on November 23!


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