Episode 14 – The Ally and Joanna Show

Serious things happen in this week’s podcast… after Ally and Joanna talk about some bad movies. Really bad movies. Michael Jackson, Brett Ratner, Eddie Murphy, and the Oscars are also on tap. Take a listen!


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1. Joanna Reviews In Time – JT tries to prove that he is the most talented actor from the Mickey Mouse Club. Does he succeed? Not quite.

2. Ally Reviews Tower Heist – Was this Eddie Murphy’s big comeback? Not quite.

3. Ding, Dong, Brett Ratner Is Gone – Talk about an Oscars shake-up! Brett Ratner’s out, Eddie Murphy’s out. Brian Grazer’s in and as of Thursday night (after we recorded this week’s episode) so is Billy Crystal! The Oscars just got a good again.

4. Pop Culture Minute – Dear Duggars, You are about to have your 20th kid. Please stop counting.


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