The Secret Circle Really Likes Fire

Riddle me this: How many fires does it take to bind a circle? Answer: Many! Has anyone ever noticed that The Secret Circle has to implement fire into every episode? I guess that poster with Cassie holding a ball of fire wasn’t just to look cool, but to warn us that if you can’t stand the heat, don’t watch the show. Let’s look at all the fires we’ve seen for kicks!

I wish I could just make great balls of fire! JEALOUS! Photo: The CW

One of the first shots on this show was this sucker:

Let's make it rain...or burn...whatevs... Photo: Galedevotee

Yeah that’s Charles and his creepy hand playing with matches, which FYI, you should never do! Especially if you’re a witch using a magic-enhancing crystal! Why? No reason, except this will go down:

You're a bad, bad man. Photo:Wiki

See what you did? You burned a house down with Amelia inside! Oh wait…you wanted to do just that? NVM.

Fires are often used to kill people on this show. But sometimes Faye likes to use fire to scare Cassie, which is totally rude. Faye, girl, no witch likes fire [hint, hint: see burnt at the stake]. You know you’re wrong! Like she cares though cause she does this to Cassie:


This pisses Diana off.

Witch-Off! Photo: Wiki

DIANA: So she didn’t want to be your friend? SO WE BURN HER? BURN HER?! WTF?! You need to go home and reevaluate how you make decisions, Faye.

So Faye goes home and rethinks her life and comes to the conclusion that Cassie needs to be frightened with fire more often. Especially in Chemistry class:

"AH! MORE FIRE!" Photo: The CW


Sometimes fire is good though. Because it’s a fun camping bonfire that we’re using to bind our secret circle!

"Bonfire bitches!" Photo: The CW

Diana is mesmerized by those flames. Kind of how Adam is mesmerized by Cassie. Ooo, burn! [Yeah, I took the pun that far]

When they’re not binding their circle, they also use fire to destroy demons in bathtubs. But not just any demons:


Jumping snake demons that are made with bad CGI! [Props to Britt Robertson for acting so scared of such a bad creepy demon]

Sometimes fires mean that you’re being hunted by a really hot guy who was related to the really hot shirtless guy who died. I’m talking about Jake. Duh.

Didn’t that seem foreboding? Well it should because [SPOILER ALERT] he’s evil. All the hot guys are. Speaking of hot bad boys who start fires:

"I'm going to kill you innocent witch guy who runs a shop that looks very much like the shop in Are You Afraid of The Dark. MIDNIGHT SOCIETY!" Photo: The CW

Yeah, Jake likes to kill witches by using witch craft. Isn’t that the most “pot-calling-the-kettle-black” moment you’ve seen on TV this fall? I mean, dude! WTF? He doesn’t care:

"HAHA! Killing my own kind is fun! Smiley face!"

He really enjoys it actually. Which may be creepier than his affection for extremely deep v-cut black shirts and hoodies. Anyway, that Luke guy was sort of hot [like, when you squinted…in the dark…after a few drinks…] and he totally turned out to be an evil witch hunter too! Grr! NBD, Cassie handled it:



So Cassie throws a hissy blows up that vial and saves Diana. But Luke is so dumb that he still tries to kill Cassie! He learns a valuable lesson:


Dump Cassie once, shame on her. Screw with her Halloween party and try to murder her friends, she’ll burn a bitch!

When Cassie isn’t burning former-suitors turned witch-hunters alive, she’s letting Jake light her fire. Take that as you will. But this happened:

"It's getting hot in here...maybe you should take off all your clothes?" Photo: The CW

Yeah, he was all up on her. But he was just playing a friendly game of “let’s start a fire in this here fire place without chanting, but with just our body heat.” Cassie was totally game [because it’s nice to not steal Diana’s boyfriend and make Faye jealous]. So voila:

They did it! Photo:

Big whoop. She set a man on fire yesterday. Who cares if she can start a fireplace?

Well those are all the fires I can think of right now. But I’m sure there are many more to come! I can’t wait to see what Cassie sets on fire in the mid-season finale! Maybe it will be Charles! Wouldn’t that be grand and karma coming full circle and just totally worth it? Yes, yes it would.

Did I miss any crazy fires? Don’t you wish Jake would light your fire? Aren’t you concerned that there seems to be NO FIRE DEPARTMENT in Chance Harbour?! Tell me in the comments!


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