I Love Glee‘s Troubletones

I’ve been catching up on Glee and I’m glad I did. Because The Troubletones are a-MAH-zing! And they’ve got me interested in the show again.

Work it girls! Photo: Gleehab

For quite some time I’ve hoped Mercedes and Santana would get more song time because they have incredible voices. But as per usual they share songs while Rachel gets at least one solo per episode. (Don’t get me wrong, Rachel’s voice is great, but it’s not the best in my opinion. And it’s not always a good fit for every song) Enter this season’s squabble: Why the hell does Rachel get to solo and Mercedes gets to blend? Hell to the no!

This problem has been solved with The Troubletones. And they’re bad! Superbad! They’ve got Mercedes and Santana who have crazy good pipes and Brittany who can dance her ass off. Plus they’ve got a director — Shelby — who knows how to win. Personally, I’m on Team Troubletone!

[Sorry for the crap video quality. Fox hates blogs.]

They did such a great job with Candyman! The costumes, the vocals and the dance steps were pitch perfect. Looks like The New Directions are in deep trouble (pun intended). Judging by the look on Mr. Schuster’s face in that video, I think he knows it too.


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