Pretty Little Liars Return Date!

Pretty Little Liars fans, ABC Family has finally set a winter premiere date for our favorite show! All new episodes will be coming our way Monday January 2 at 8p.m.

THEY'RE BACK! Photo: ABC Family

ABC Family is promising more action this season:

The girls are ready to kick some “A” when the show returns in January. No longer just wanting to sit by and wait for the latest cruel attack, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer take matters into their own hands and try to finally put a stop to their tormentor.

It’s about damn time! Time for “A” to sweat a little!

I’m obviously going to praise the ABC Family gods tonight for this gift and create a countdown. Are you as excited as I am for new episodes of Pretty Little Liars?



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2 responses to “Pretty Little Liars Return Date!

  1. Perfect way to start 2012! Also, please notice how they are trying to make Lucy Hale not seem so damn short in that picture.

  2. Molly


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