Episode 12 – The Ally and Joanna Show

On this week’s podcast, Ally and Joanna become the first and only people to relate Breaking Dawn to Stan Brakhage. Also, Halloween! And Kelsey Grammer! And politics! What’s not to love? Take a listen.



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Runtime: 44 minutes

1. Ally and Joanna Review The Ides of March – We finally got around to seeing George Clooney’s latest directorial effort. We can safely say we strongly liked it.

2. Halloween Pop Culture Spectacular!Hocus Pocus, Alfred Hitchcock, the Great Pumpkin and Tim Burton all make our list of Halloween pop culture staples.

3. Let’s Talk About ‘Boss” – We love Kelsey Grammer’s new show on Starz. Here’s why.

4. Pop Culture Minute – Joanna is weirdly excited for Breaking Dawn and this somehow involves Stan Brakhage.

Thanks for listening! Also, check this out: Joanna’s Blog!


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