Gossip Girl In Danger of Cancellation

Gossip Girl has been on a downward spiral and now poor ratings are putting the show in cancellation territory.

"You MUST be mistaken! I'm on Gossip Girl! It has to do well! ......WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHO AM I?!" Photo: Daily Mail

Entertainment Weekly reports that the former “crown jewel” of the CW is barely outperforming the heinous Nikita, which happens to be the least watched-show on the network. That makes GG the second-least-watched show on the CW.

Now we know how this works; a show isn’t cancelled based on its performance against other networks, but based on its performance against other shows on the same network. And yes, the CW is notorious for crap-tastic ratings. So typically, a show on the CW may take a nose dive for a few weeks and then rebound, saving it from certain doom.

"Are you telling me I cancelled on Karl Lagerfeld for this shiz?" Photo: TV Recappers Anonymous

Unfortunately, that’s not the case with GG. As of right now:

It fell to a 0.6 adults 18-49 rating in its third episode this season and has stayed there for three episodes (pending final ratings for last [Monday]) without the recovery that other CW shows experienced. [Via]

Now Gossip Girl could still recover. If ratings improve a bit, the show could go on. (Who knows, maybe Seventeen and Teen will not only live tweet about episodes, but encourage their followers to actually watch the show?) But if Gossip Girl continues losing viewers it may be in danger of cancellation, abruptly making this its final season.

"Don't worry! I'll go back to Leo and start filming my next success and YOU can go film The Roommate 2 ...or something...? Don't you sing..?" Photo: TV Recappers Anonymous

Fear not GG fans — all three of you — if Hart of Dixie continues its mediocre performance, there’s a chance that the CW won’t renew Hart of Dixie and keep Gossip Girl for a final season next year. After all, it is the original CW show.

What do you think about Gossip Girl‘s ratings danger? Do you even care? Or are we all hoping this show finally gets the boot? Tell me in the comments!



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2 responses to “Gossip Girl In Danger of Cancellation

  1. Kendy Whaley

    Hart of Dixie is obviously doing a better job than Gossip Girl. I think Gossip Girl’s season 5 should be the final season and Hart of Dixie should be renewed (:

  2. Misty

    I only watch 90210 and Gossip Girl. I’ve tried watching Vampire Diaries, Ringer and Hart Of Dixie and wasn’t impressed with any of them. They were all rather boring.

    I’ve been watching Gossip Girl and 90210 since they started and still love both shows. I had to watch online for a while but now I have tv and cable again. If The CW cancels 90210 and Gossip Girl I won’t watch anything on this channel again. I could not imagine the CW withouth either show. I look forward to watching it every week.

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