Who’s Coming Back to Glee?

Glee‘s bringing everybody back. Last week it was announced that Chord Overstreet [Trouty Mouth] will be coming back to Glee, just in time for Sectionals. And now Jonathan Groff [Jessie St. James] will be coming back too! As the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline! What a predictable career choice for him!

Gratuitous Sam Abs Shot. You're welcome. Photo: Wikipedia

And what a coincidence that this is all happening just in time for sweeps! Wow!

Perhaps Glee has realized how much they need these beloved characters? Season 3 premiere ratings were down from Season 2 and Glee‘s new songs have been charting way lower on Billboard [via]. These lower performances may also have something to do with the inconsistency of Season 2, turning off many avid fans, like myself.

I hope he sings more Lionel Richie! Photo: Ian Eavesdropper

Ah, well. Hopefully this year Sectionals will have all the excitement and wonder of Season 1 when Rachel belted out Barbara Streisand. Maybe Trouty and St. James are the missing ingredients.

Are you happy to see Groff and Overstreet return to Glee? Tell me in the comments!


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