Episode 11 – The Ally and Joanna Show

We’ve reached the depressing part of autumn. Bye bye leaves! You know what else is depressing? Sticky Fingers Lohan legal woes. Also on this podcast, our review of Footloose, a segment dedicated the tao of Angela Chase, and more. Take a listen!

Listen Here!

As always, you can follow the Ally and Joanna Show on Tumblr and Twitter. And email us at allyandjoannashow@gmail.com. What are you waiting for?

1. Ally and Joanna Review Footloose – We saw it. We liked some of it. Here’s our take on the remake.

2. What Would Angela Chase Do? – Pretty Little Liars Halloween special aired on Wednesday. In lieu of breaking down the drama (A stalked Alison first! Mona’s knit sweater!), we’re giving you what our beloved Angela Chase of My So-Called Life would have though.

3. Grimm vs. Once Upon a Time – Can you spot the difference between these two new shows? Because we can’t. But we do pitch a show called Hans, starring Hayden Christiansen to CBS so they can join in the fun.

4. Pop Culture Minute – Kelly Osbourne has a stick up her butt.

That’s all for this episode! Thanks for listening! Also, check this out: Joanna’s Blog!


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