WTH Are The Waldorfs Wearing?!

I’m not watching Gossip Girl this season. But since I blog about teen TV, I must check out what’s happening. So as I was clicking through the photos for the most recent episode, which was titled “The Fasting and The Furious” — really, GG? — I couldn’t help but judge outfits like this:

What has happened to Miss Blair? Photo: The CW

WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING BLAIR WALDORF?! Look, I know you’re pregnant and all. And I’d accept those high-waisted maternity trousers  if (A) the fabric didn’t look terrible, (B) there wasn’t a bedazzled belt that came attached and (C) you didn’t look like you just stole those pants from Farrah Fawcett’s wardrobe on the 1976 set of Charlie’s Angels. Not to mention they’re the blandest color ever! As if that wasn’t bad enough you paired them with that top! Who did you steal that from? A Bratz doll?

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Blair was in that outfit, this happened too:

"I wish you had warned me that your were going to were the trousers today..." Photo: The CW

WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TWO WEARING?! Was it mother-daughter fug day? Were the fugly pregnancy trousers on a “buy 1 get a second pair free” sale? And why are you both pairing them with hideously patterned tops that are some kind of lame fabric? Aren’t you supposed to be a fashion designer, Mrs. W? And that’s the best you could do?


What do you guys think about the insanity at Gossip Girl? How about the outfits — super chic or super eek?


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