Full Season Orders for Ringer, Hart of Dixie & Secret Circle

Good news lovelies. There’s plenty more witchy tricks coming our way! The Secret Circle has been given a full season order!

Why are they all so cool and hot? Photo: The CW

No surprise really. The Secret Circle is The CW’s best performing new show — averaging 2.4 million viewers a week — just behind its sister show, The Vampire Diaries. That means more Faye, more Diana, more Melissa and more Nick not owning a shirt! Yay!

This happens on Hart of Dixie. Hot men don't wear shirts and Summer, I mean, Zoe pours sweet tea on them. Photo: Zap 2 It

Rachel Bilson’s Hart of Dixie has also been given a full season order. This fish-out-of-water story doesn’t just have crazy southern accents and enough sugary sweetness to sweeten the best batch of Southern sweet teas, it also averages 1.9 million viewers a week. (That’s pretty good, in CW terms)

High class special effects like these can never be forgotten. Photo: LA Times

And the mystery continues. (Take that as you may). Ringer has been picked up by The CW for a full season too. Yes, the show featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar as a woman on the run from the mob who assumes her sister’s identity. Despite crappy backdrops, a convoluted plot and losing a large portion of its audience to New Girl, Ringer has managed to deliver some of The CW’s best Tuesday ratings ever — 1.7 million viewers last week! I guess you guys really love your SMG, huh?

Do you think they all deserve a full season order?


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