Episode 9 – The Ally and Joanna Show

There are a few questions on this week’s podcast. Is Joanna planning a coup d’etat? Why is Ally so tired? What are the lyrics to that Taylor Swift song? We don’t get to the bottom of these questions. But we do talk about Andy Rooney, Steve Jobs, Arrested Development and more! Take a listen.


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Runtime: 40 minutes

1. Ally and Joanan Discuss 50/50 – Joanna saw 50/50. Ally did not. That’s half of this podcasting duo and that half thought it was a halfway decent movie.

2. About That Arrested Development Movie – The Bluths are back in business! 9-10 new episodes and a movie are coming soon. Finally!

3. We Love Melissa McCarthy – Melissa McCarthy’s hosting stint on Saturday Night Live caused some controversy and we think that the critics missed th point.

4. Pop Culture Minute – Just leave MJ’s kids alone. They’re already members of the Jackson family. Isn’t that bad enough?

Thanks for listening!

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