Fashion Flashback…The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years is now available on Instant Netflix and everyone is freaking out! I can’t remember a lot about The Wonder Years — I was only only two years old when the show began — but I do recall from re-runs in my elementary school years that there was endless V.O. from Fred Savage and Winnie Cooper was the bomb.

Winnie Cooper was the original schoolgirl outfit fashionista. Eat your heart out, Rachel Berry.

She’s still the bomb, by the way. Cause when Winnie [Danica McKellar] isn’t guest starring on The Big Bang Theory or posing in her underwear for Maxim, she’s writing bestselling books on mathematics — seriously, Google it!

But I first thought Winnie was too cool for school on The Wonder Years because of her wonderful hair and amazing 60’s/70’s outfits. Let’s take a look at some of Winnie’s great fashion triumphs.

My favorite thing about Winnie is that even when she’s wearing something as simple as denim and a stripped shirt, she accessorizes well. Note the cute belt and headband. Or the functional, yet adorable sweaters in the middle. And when there are no accessories, like in the picture at the top, she still keeps her outfit from being a bland plaid and denim combo by simply clipping her hair back.

It is the psychedelic era and like a true fashionista Winnie manages to incorporate the trend into her wardrobe while sticking to her basics — turtlenecks, headbands and grandma sweaters. Besides, I don’t care what decade it is, a pop of bright color or a funky pattern is always welcome in any wardrobe for any age.

A cute belted dress in a mod cut. Sweet pastels. Winnie Cooper, how are you so cool?

(All photos from Fuck Yeah The Wonder Years)

This is Winnie’s field hockey uniform. It’s still fly enough that she could wear it around school if she wanted to. Although, who would do that? I suppose this is more of a snaps to the field hockey coach for picking out cute and warm field hockey uniforms. Winnie just makes it look good.

Did you watch The Wonder Years? Did you love Winnie Cooper and her look? Tell me in the comments!



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4 responses to “Fashion Flashback…The Wonder Years

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  2. Cee

    The hockey outfit was similar to the uniform I wore through the winter months when I was that age 🙂

    My grey V neck was a bit darker, though.

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