Episode 8 – The Ally and Joanna Show

On this week’s podcast, Ally and Joanna discuss the finer things in life: Roger Ebert, baseball, Taylor Lautner, Teen Mom, and more. So suck on that War Horse!

[audio: http://allyandjoannashow.podomatic.com/entry/2011-09-30T07_22_28-07_00%5D

If you like our flavor, follow our Twitter and Tumblr accounts! Also, subscribe to The Ally and Joanna Show on iTunes!Runtime: 55 minutes

1. Abduction: So Bad It’s Good – Joanna was too embarassed to see Taylor Lautner’s latest movie by herself. But Ally has no shame that she is aware of so she did. And The Face On The Milk Carton is the greatest made for TV movie of the 1990s.

2. We’re Totally Not Embarassed – Speaking of having no shame, Ally and Joanna reveal the embarassing things they love to watch. Dragon Ball Z, anything starring the Olsen Twins, Gullah Gullah Island, Make It Or Break It… and… Baywatch. Yes, Baywatch.

3 . Ally and Joanna Review Moneyball – A Phillies fan and a Yankees fan talk about why they loved Moneyball. Was it the montages? Jonah Hill? Or just the gratuitous displays of Brad Pitt’s biceps?

4. Pop Culture Minute – Last week Joanna told you to get over the Netflix changes. This week, Ally wants you to quit bitching about new Facebook. News flash: you can always delete it.

Thanks for listening!

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