Summer Roberts v. Zoe Hart

I watched Hart of Dixie and like any former O.C. lover and Rachel Bilson fan, I really liked it! Is it the best show ever? No. Is it in the top ten? No. But did it have — dare I make a lame pun? — heart? It did! It had plenty of H(e)art. I just don’t know if heart and spunk are enough to keep me tuned in when Monday nights are already full of shows worth watching.

But I digress. The important thing is while I watched, I couldn’t help but compare Zoe to Summer Roberts. Let’s make a quick comparison, eh?

Summer Roberts

Oh Summer Roberts! Photo: Fanpop

  • Summer Roberts is super popular
  • She loves Seth Cohen
  • She once dressed up as Wonder Woman:
  • She breaks Seth & Anna up because Cohen is her man, bitch!
  • Her daddy is a doctor
  • Her mom left them — code: she’s a jerk
  • She lives in Orange County
  • She goes to Brown University
  • She doesn’t take anyone’s crap, please note:
  • When something disgusts, confuses or angers her, well this happens:

Zoe Hart

What's up Dr. Hart? Photo: The CW

  • She has talented hands and a knack for medicine
  • She once ran into an alligator:
  • She got dumped by “the love of [her] life”
  • She’s obviously going to break up George and Lemon
  • Both her daddies were doctors
  • Her mother lied about her biological father — code: she’s a jerk
  • She’s from New York, but now she’s an Alabama gal
  • She went to a top tier Med School
  • She doesn’t take anyone’s crap, please note:
  • It’s only been one episode, but when something disgusts or confuses her, she makes this face:
So what do you think about the similarities and differences of Zoe Hart and Summer Roberts? Are we actually supposed to believe that Zoe Hart, who held a scalpel at nine, isn’t just Summer Roberts with lighter hair? Aren’t they both spunky and adorable? Don’t they both wear a lot of eyeliner? How are they really different? And if they are –which I doubt — Who do you prefer: Zoe or Summer? Discuss in the comments!


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2 responses to “Summer Roberts v. Zoe Hart

  1. Katie

    They’re exactly the same!

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