Poll: Are You Over Gossip Girl?

While watching Gossip Girl last night, I had some thoughts — and yes, one of them was if there was a leg showing requirement in Blake Lively’s contract and an ascot quota for Chuck Bass. After that hour-long display of ridiculous I remembered why I had stopped watching last season. But then I wondered: Is anyone watching Gossip Girl anymore? Is it a thing? Is it cool?

"What do you mean 'No one cares about my storyline?'" Photo: The CW

I know it’s not what it once was; no one copies the Gossip Girl looks like they once did when the gals were at Constance — sorry ill-timed fashion line— and the show lost that season-one-naughtiness that made it so delicious. But is it past the point of no-return?

Not so much now... Photo: Hollywire

You help me figure this one out. Are you tired of Nate, Dan, Miss Blair and the gang or is Gossip Girl like Dorota and fine wine, only getting better with age? Please vote!

Vote and make your case in the comments! If you have any suggestions for fixing it, share those too!


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