What the Heck Happened to Quinn/ What the Heck Are They Wearing?!

Last night Fox premiered season three of Glee,  which Ryan Murphy has promised will rock like season one rather than confuse us all like season two. And so far, so good! Yes, I have a ton of questions. Of course, some things — like Blaine’s seamless transfer — seemed ridiculous. Yeah, I just let Mercedes weird relationship “changes” slide. And duh, I totally loved Blaine singing Tom Jones’ It’s Not Unusual! But oh NO! There was this:


WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO YOU QUINN FABRAY?! While I typically support pink hair, what is with the random –though purposefully bobby pinned — cowlick? Why do you have a nose ring? Why aren’t you bathing? And lastly:


WHO TOLD YOU TO TAKE THE 90’s GRUNGE REVIVAL THIS FAR?! At least as the episode went on, Quinn’s new punk/grunge style looked better and less forced and ridiculous. See:

Work that Madonna edge!

Still a little dirty, but now she has a cute spandex black skirt and better hair pinning technique (though still a but pitiful). But what happened to her? Is this what happens when you’re denied your Finn Hudson fix? Because that boy doesn’t seem worth it to me. Hopefully this bad girl thing will last longer than two episodes.

In other odd choices, there was this:

Kurt, this is too much, even for you.

Oh, does this look fine to you? Really? Maybe you need a full view:

Don't get distracted by Blaine's pants!

KURT HUMMEL, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! Is that an apron? No! Is that a ripped up peacoat? No! Is that a vest bib? A vest bib?! Where does one even find a freaking vest and bib combination?! Is it made of wool? Why is there an airplane brooch? But most importantly, how could you shame Blaine and his cute little pants by wearing a grey, wool vest bib that reaches halfway down to your knees?! For shame, Kurt! For shame!

If a bib wasn’t bad enough, this happened:


WHAT THE HECK ARE THESE THEATER KIDS WEARING?! It’s honestly my nightmare: an army of Rachel Berry’s. All in weird knee socks and 3 1/4 inch black character shoes, tapping and using jazz hands! So much argyle!

While the song was delightful — as was Rachel being bested by someone else whilst removing her hideous cape — it killed me. The knee socks, the school girl skirts, the berets, the polka dots! WHAT YEAR IS IT? WHY IS YOUR MOTHER BUYING YOUR CLOTHES? WHY SO MANY PAIRS OF MARY JANES? HOW DOES ONE OWN THIS MANY BOWS?!


Did you watch last night’s Glee? What did you think about Quinn’s new look? How about Kurt’s bib? Super chic or super eek? Tell me in the comments!


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One response to “What the Heck Happened to Quinn/ What the Heck Are They Wearing?!

  1. This is some sort of a dress like trash Friday. I love it when we have it at work.

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