ABC Family Cancels Chloe King, Adds More Lying Game

Bad news Chloe King fans: ABC Family announced that it’s cancelled the show after one season. What a shame! I suppose we’ll never know what Chloe does with her other eight lives, now will we? And who knows what crazy scarves she could have worn!


The news isn’t super surprising; The Nine Lives of Chloe King had poor ratings, which looked especially bad since ABC Family had its most successful summer to date. But here’s the good news: We’re getting more Make It or Break It! And more of The Lying Game!

ABC Family has ordered a third season for Make It or Break It (which means more fugly leotards!) and ten new episodes of The Lying Game. That means more Payson in purple velvet, more Emily pouting, more Sutton bitching and more Emma…being Sutton.

"I'm...SO...happy...we're back!" Photo: Aunt Joyce's

In other ABC Family news, they’ve also picked up four new series. One is from Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino. The show is called Bunheads — no, that’s not a typo– and it follows a Las Vegas showgirl who marries a man and moves to a small coastal town to teach at his mother’s dance school. Um, sure?

The other drama picked up, titled Intercept, is about a group of crime-solving college students. Ok, who doesn’t love some Scooby-Doo!

And the last two shows added are Baby Daddy — which I imagine will be like Baby Mama, only not as funny — and Village People, which follows a single woman who adopts a baby from a teen mother and ends up taking care of the baby and the baby mama.

"These are the new shows? They sound TERRIBLE!" Photo: ABC Family

So what do you think ABC Family fans? Will you miss Chloe King? Excited for MIOB and TLG? What about these new shows? Do they sound like winners or losers? Share your thoughts and I’ll grant you a wish! (…Not really. I’ll just smile.)


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One response to “ABC Family Cancels Chloe King, Adds More Lying Game

  1. Good! Now Emily can bring more shame to the world of gynastics by being a teen mother!

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