Poll Results: Which Liar’s Life Has “A” Ruined The Most?

The results are in and it looks like “A” has ruined Emily’s life more than any other Liar.

"What? You don't think I earned it? You try being poisoned!" Photo: ABC Family

Congratulations Emily! You may have lost your swim career, your appetite and your girlfriend, but you’ve won a blog poll for having terrible luck courtesy of an anonymous texter! Here are the results:

Which Liar Has “A” Screwed Over the Most?

Answer Votes Percent
Emily: Poisoning her, breaking into her house, forged letters, arrests, blackmail, trying to kill her and ruining her swim career has ruined her lfie! 36 63%
Hanna: Hitting her with a car, stealing her mom’s stolen money, blackmail, ruining her dad’s wedding, arrests & sending a tacky basket of candies ruined her life! 11 19%
Spencer: Killing her sister’s creepy baby daddy, stealing engagment rings, blackmail, arrests, losing Toby & causing a rift w/ her dad ruined her life! 5 9%
Aria: Blackmail, ruining her parents’ marriage, Ezria sabotage, arrests & general scary text messages ruined her life! 3 5%
None of them: It’s really not that bad. Come on. They’re alive, aren’t they? 2 4%

It looks like Emily totally dominated this poll, which I think makes sense. Being poisoned and then locked in a garage to die of carbon monoxide poisoning via car exhaust are pretty rough.

Hanna came in second, which is fair. I mean, getting hit by a car is never fun. Neither is being called “Hefty Hanna.” Spencer came in third, which I’m sure has Spencer pouting in a corner somewhere. But really, it hasn’t been all that bad for her, has it? “A” kind of helped her out when they killed Ian.

Best of all, Aria only got 3 votes, which is TOTALLY JUSTIFIED and hilarious. For all her wide-eyed terror and tears, she’s gotten off so easy. “A” must have a secret crush on Aria, otherwise, step it up crazy! If I was Aria I would just start ignoring “A”s texts, because there’s little reason for her to be shaking in her cute combat boots.

I love the two people who decided it’s not that bad because they’re still alive. Funny, but valid. After all, Alison’s dead. Though you could argue being dead is better than being tortured, blackmailed, etc.

Thanks for voting! I’m glad we exposed Aria as the Liar with little to worry about and we know that Emily deserves a little good to come her way. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, Emily sweetie, “Maybe you’re done.”

Do you agree with the results? Sound off now!


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