Pretty Little Poll: Which Liar’s Life Has “A” Ruined The Most?

Last night’s finale of Pretty Little Liars was intense! “A” pushed the Liars to their limits by threatening murder, forcing Aria to confront and blackmail Jackie, making Spencer dump Toby, pushing Hanna to ruin her dad’s wedding and nearly killing Emily! Oh and then there was the whole Jenna and Garrett plotting and creepily talking about Alison’s murder, which leads me to believe they killed her. Plus “A” was called pretty eyes! WTF? WHO HAS PRETTY EYES?!

They've all had it bad, but who's had the worst? Photo: ABC Family

But now it’s time to ponder: Which Liar’s life sucks the most?

Who does "A" really have it out for?

“A” has obviously done terrible things to all four of the ladies and endlessly torments them. But haven’t some Liars gotten the brunt of “A”‘s nasty tricks, while others have just gotten the bare minimum? And I don’t just mean this season — throughout both seasons– who’s been beat up on the most?

Make your case in the comments!


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One response to “Pretty Little Poll: Which Liar’s Life Has “A” Ruined The Most?

  1. Do people think Emily has it the worst because she is the most easily susceptible to pressure of the four? I mean, Hanna got mowed down by a car. I think that is the worst of the worst.

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