Take a Listen: The Ally and Joanna Show

Since I eat, sleep and breathe pop culture — not just teen television — and my friend Joanna does the same, we launched our own podcast series three weeks ago. If I may tout my own horn — and I will! — it’s getting pretty good.

Photo from our days at the MH News!

If you haven’t listened yet, you can find episodes of The Ally and Joanna Show right here. If you’re all caught up or only care about what’s happened this week, check out our latest episode, out today!

We talk about puppet matrimony, Jersey Shore losing its luster, the future of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and so much more!

"What's that Joanna? Why, yes! I DO think The Philadelphia Story deserves a sequel!" (Me, Lisa Turtle, in our Ally and Joanna offices)

So if you like listening to two uber feminist, Degrassi-watching friends talk about pop culture, give us a try! (Yes, I just pimped out my personal podcast project on my blog. It’s technically called, “synergy.”) Also, follow our daily pop culture antics via tumblr and twitter.


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