Reader Q: Spencer Hastings’ Watch

Q:  Hi! My name is Claudia. I’m a huge fan of Pretty Little Liars, especially Troian Bellisario (Spencer Hastings). I was wondering if you could help me with a piece of information. I noticed Spencer’s watch throughout the two seasons and I fell in love with its classical look. I’ve had trouble identifying the type, the brand or the name though. Is there any chance that you know what kind of watch she’s wearing?
Thank you very much! Kisses from Italy!

That's a super cute watch, Spencer! Photo: Watchuseek

Short of asking Pretty Little Liars‘ Stylistas, Laura Schuffman and Saba Salehi, there’s no way to know for sure. But I told Claudia that it looks a lot like a Baume & Mercier watch. Perhaps one of the Lady Hampton Classics or Diamanti.

Photo: Courtesy of Claudia

Funny enough, the very next day, Claudia and her dad spotted a Baume & Mercier Lady Hampton and thought it may have been Spencer’s watch. However, upon closer observation, Spencer’s watch has roman numerals (which are not on the B&M watch). Claudia has figured it out — it’s a Cartier watch! Most likely one of the Tank American series!

So classy and chic! Photo: Watchuseek

If you want to copy Spencer’s timely style — but don’t have the bucks for Cartier — try a Timex Dress Strap, a Fossil Adele Leather Watch or an Anne Klein Brown Leather Strap Watch. These Spencer-like watches are classy, timeless and — best of all — under $100!

Thanks so much to Claudia for this great question and help solving the mystery! Have a Q? Shoot me an email! Loving Spencer’s watch? Tell me in the comments!



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4 responses to “Reader Q: Spencer Hastings’ Watch

  1. Claudia

    Ohhh Ally *.*!!!
    So proud of this article and our funny journey to discover this beautiful watch!
    It’s so funny to see that my dad is nominated in a fashion article! ahah! But that’s fair, I mean he was helpful too, right?!
    Thank you very much Ally! =)
    Kisses! =)

  2. noreeen

    i also fell in love with her reserved & classy style even though that is so NOT me! im loud & flirty. anyway so inspired by her style i set out to buy a similar watch for myself here in Pakistan. and i got this really pretty hermes watch which looks just like hers. since i was unsure i got a pretty china replica 😛 for as much as $20!
    haha am a lucky biotch!
    but dont judge only last month i bought two original guess watches & they were well for $150 each! so this replica was so worth it!

  3. Carol Suh

    here’s another watch from American Apparel that looks like hers

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