XOXO: Eric’s Leaving Gossip Girl

When Little J and Vanessa “left” Gossip Girl, it was no big deal. But now Eric, played by Connor Paolo, is leaving The CW series for a new show on ABC called Revenge.

"Look Eric! We're both 'going away' now!" Photo: NY Daily News

To make things somewhat logical on GG, Eric is heading to Sarah Lawrence and, “he’s going to stay there,” said Paolo at the Teen Choice Awards. It’s no secret that Eric was the only semi-sane person in the van der Woodsen home, so maybe he’s happy to leave and find some sense of normalcy.

"Dude, Gossip Girl is really messing up my cell phone bills!" Photo: phonesontv

As for us GG watchers, we’re being traded Eric for cousin Charlie! Does that seem fair to you? Sure, we’ll never have to see him dye his hair blond again, but we’ll miss Eric. He always knew what to say when his sister was fighting with Blair, when she was nearly raped, when she was dropping her clothes across town or thinking she killed a man.


"Will you miss me, sis?" "Did you say something Eric? I was reading this GG blast about me..." Photo: TV.com

Eric, you will be sorely missed. By us. Not the van der Woodsens. They probably won’t even know you’ve gone missing until you ask if you can come home for Christmas. And they probably won’t respond because of a scandal involving Charlie, Serena, a yacht, the Bronx Zoo peacock, some nipple clamps and a bottle of absinthe.

Will you miss Eric? What’s your favorite Eric line? Share in the comments!


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