Poll Results: Jason or Ezra

The votes are in and it looks like you guys think Jason is the guy for Aria!

Look! He's all date ready with flowers and everything! Photo: ABC Family

Sorry Ezra, but it looks like your romance with Aria is about as dead as Alison! Go Team Jason!

Here are the results:

Who Should Aria Choose? Ezra or Jason?

Answer Votes Percent
Jason. He’s so sexy. He’s tortured! Who cares if his alibi is a little sketch! 20 59%
Ezra. He’s so cute. Their love is so strong! It can even overcome an illegal age difference! 11 32%
Both. Aria can multitask. I would. 3 9%
Neither. She needs to date a guy her own age. 0 0%

It was actually pretty close with 59% of voters on Team Jason and 32% on Team Ezra. I love that there were a few people who voted both! Who said multitasking can’t be fun?

Let’s see if our Jaria (or Arson?) love connection hopes come to fruition on tomorrow night’s Pretty Little Liars!

Are you Team Jason or Team Ezra? Tell me in the comments!




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2 responses to “Poll Results: Jason or Ezra

  1. Natalie


  2. Frankey

    i dont know! im so torn!

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