Pretty Little Poll: Jason or Ezra?

Last week’s episode of PLL was incredible. Why? Because that was quite possibly the most awkward dinner scene I have ever seen on television.

"Awkward..." Photo: ABC Family

Aside from Mike getting arrested, there was the wonderful tension of Aria juggling Jason and Ezra throughout the meal, urgh, drinks. So it makes me wonder, who exactly should Aria end up with?

Currently Aria is with Ezra Fitz, who’s way too old for her and her former teacher. However, they’ve shared many a night in his apartment…reading. But it’s rocky because his former almost fiance is always around. Plus he looks like this with his shirt off:

Ezra Fitz with no shirt. Objectify. Photo: ABC Family

Then there’s Jason. He’s her old frenemy’s older brother who’s a former stoner, a little creepy and touchingly guilty over his sister’s death. He didn’t take her brother to the police when he could have. Plus he looks like this when his shirt’s off:

Jason without a shirt. Please objectify. Photo: NY Post

So they’re both super hunky. But very different boys, uh, men. Obviously Aria’s more confused by this then she was when Mike told her he got that lantern out of Officer Garrett’s apartment. So let’s decide for her!

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2 responses to “Pretty Little Poll: Jason or Ezra?

  1. carolinemm

    Love, love, love. I actually think Ezra’s shirtless look is a little disappointing.

  2. I’m so done with the Ezra/Aria pairing. It has barely progressed. Bring on the new guy!

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