Poll Results: Alek or Brian?

The results are in and it looks like you guys want Chloe to end up with Alek!

Oh yeah! Photo: ABC Family

Brian, you may have looked super cute in a kitty cat hat, but congratulations must go to Alek! Never has sniffing a girl in the hallway looked more sexy! Hello ABC Family, we need more Alek slyly sneaking into Chloe’s bed, much to her dismay!

Here are the results:

Do You Want Chloe with Brian or Alek?

Answer Votes Percent
Alek 188 83%
Brian 34 15%
Neither 2 1%
Man, I miss that guy from the club. Too bad she killed him… 2 1%

"Let me get this straight. People voted him into my bed?!" "Get used to it!" Photo: Chloe King Wiki

A mind blowing 188 voters said “Yes” to Alek! I’m surprised — I totally thought everyone would go with Brian. I love that two people said they missed the dead guy from the club. It would be interesting to see the love square Chloe would be in if he were still kicking.

For those of you who said neither, I’d love to hear who she should end up with. Maybe Scott from Teen Wolf? They would totally get each other!

Do you agree with the results? Thanks for voting!


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One response to “Poll Results: Alek or Brian?

  1. Lilli

    I do like the Scott from teen wolf bit ^_^

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