Chloe King Poll: Alek or Brian?

So as The Nine Lives of Chloe King continues onward, our favorite Mai warrior has two boys into her.

Chloe King is a Man's Lady. Photo: ABC Family

She’s so into Brian, but there are a few issues: she could kiss and kill him, his dad is an assassin, etc. Then there’s Alek, who’s so into her, but he’s like the Eric Northman of Chloe King: handsome and blonde with super powers, manages to annoy the heck out of her, and a little creepy.

Now I know Chloe wants Brian a heap and ABC Family is pushing the whole “star-crossed lovers” situation with the two, but I totally want her with Alek! Am I alone? Is Alek an awful choice and it’s all about the Brian? Or does the Brian romance seem kind of lame?



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5 responses to “Chloe King Poll: Alek or Brian?

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  2. Chelsie

    seeing as how Brian’s dad is trying to kill her, there relationship will never work out!and I don’t think he’s right for her! she needs to forget about him and starting getting MORE serious with Alek!

  3. Becca

    Alek is SO much cuter, he obviously has a sensitive side, and didn’t even punch Brian back because she told him not too. Brian? No other friends, seems overall weak, attacked Alek caused he touched Chloe (really?), and can never, ever kiss Chloe. At all. Seriously? It’s so obvious, just date Alek!! He’s adorable!

  4. Crystal


  5. Ranjini Krishnan

    think of all the things that alek has done for chloe he has also risked his life soo many times for her what has brian done to love her jackshit

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