Glee Says Goodbye Trouty Mouth

Ryan Murphy is in the midst of revamping Glee (Thank God), but sadly that means we must bid farewell to Chord Overstreet, also known as Sam. He will not be a series regular next season, though we may see him occasionally.

"Well it looks like I'm still the king of the glee club, dude. Safe travels though!" Photo: Poptower

Let’s take a moment to remember Trouty Mouth, shall we? How adorable was he when he was pursuing Quinn at the start of the season? Super cute!

Wasn’t his voice great? Didn’t you love his Bieber transformation?

Wasn’t it cute when he started dating Mercedes?

It’s a real shame that he’s leaving, but realistically I can’t name any other super amazing Sam moments because the show was so jumbled and he didn’t really serve a purpose. However, I will say I can’t wait to see if Murphy will find a better fix for the Mercedes-never-has-a-boyfriend-other-than-tater-tots situation.

So long trouty mouth! We barely knew yee!

Will you miss Sam? Excited for Glee‘s makeover? Tell me in the comments!



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2 responses to “Glee Says Goodbye Trouty Mouth

  1. I can see why it needs a makeover last season was a mess of confusion but then again this Ryan Murphy. He keeps putting Rachel and Finn together and making Finn some amazing guy when in reality he’s a dick and really needs a reality check. I swear that guys more fickle then Mr Shue (that’s saying something). I like the show but sometimes I want to talk to the Ryan Murphy and tell him that while ADD and ADHD is common occurrence in America that doesn’t mean you show can are like it’s in the need for Ritalin.
    Wow that was a rant and half, I just help it, Glee was a okay show it’s first season (the music was good) but I swear if I have to live through another year of Finn the Fickle Idiot from the Idiocracy of the future I might just shoot Ryan Murphy. I remember reading somewhere that when he (Ryan Murphy) was creating the show he wanted to make it unlike High School Musical where students randomly sprouted off in song—has he even watched any of the episodes of Glee post Sectionals in season one? Well if you read this thank you but I’m pretty sure I sound like a crazy person who just ranted about Ryan Murphy for 217 words.

    • Ally Hickson

      I always want to rant about Ryan Murphy destroying Glee post Sectionals Season 1. And I always want to rant about Finn not being all that great. If you’re crazy, so am I.

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