New Degrassi This Month!

I have a theory that children will learn everything — and more — that they need to know about middle school and high school if they watch Degrassi regularly. I have no actual numbers to back this up, but believe me, it’s true.

"I love Degrassi too, but hun, that's not real science!" Don't sass me, Holly J! Photo: Teen Nick

For you smart people who watch Degrassi, there’s good news: All new episodes starting Monday July 18th!

Couple I'm most excited about! Photo: Teen Nick

In case you didn’t know, Teen Nick and Degrassi like to get a little nifty in the summer. Remember The Boiling Point? This summer is no different. The first episode will be a one-hour spring break special. After that, Teen Nick will be airing a new episode of Degrassi four nights a week at 9 p.m. until September 1st! Can you handle that?!

Overall, I’m dying of excitement, especially following this trailer:

Ah, Degrassi, so dramatic! I love how they showed me nothing, but the intense music got me excited.

The only problem I can find is with the new theme song that accompanies the opening credits. Yes, it’s the same song. Sure, a singer-songwriter named Alexz Johnson sings it. But I’m not feeling it. A little too techno. Check it out here:

Personally my favorite rendition was the version that came with season 3 (which is the same as seasons 4 and 5, only sung by a different artist). Plus, nothing will ever top Marco jumping around to show his Degrassi jacket to the camera!

Will you be watching Degrassi? Who’s story are you most excited about? Tell me in the comments!


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