Raven’s Greatest Hits

Raven Symone has a new show on ABC Family, which begins airing tonight! It got me thinking about all the great (or so bad they’re great) TV shows, cartoons and TV movies Raven has been a part of throughout her career. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and salute that funny lady who’s always been so Raven!

The Cosby Show

Isn't she cute as a button? Photo: Best Week Ever

Let’s be real: The Cosby Show was a fantastic show. But as time went on and the show got older they needed to shake things up a bit and that required more than funky opening sequence dance moves or weirder Cosby sweaters. Enter Raven. She played Denise Huxtable’s (Lisa Bonet) little stepdaughter. Not only was she super cute, but super funny at only three years old. Plus, she knew how to boogie.

Here’s to New Dreams

She's hood fo sho. Photo: Wikipedia

People often don’t remember the song “Hip Hop Teddy Bear,” but I do. When Raven was seven she released an album, Here’s to New Dreams. She looks like the cutest little gangsta East Coast/West Coast ever did see! Check it!

Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper

Raven's hair is crazy amazing here. Photo: vustv

While I definitely remember enjoying this show after Full House and later after Step by Step on TGIF, I literally had to google this show to remember what it was about. Apparently Mr. Cooper is a former basketball player for Golden State (ew) and P.E. teacher. He moves in with Holly Robinson Peete and friend because they need another roomie to make rent. Raven played his preteen cousin Nicole. It’s funny because she’s described as “precocious” for this show and The Cosby Show. Type casting anyone?

Doctor Dolittle

"We hear animals." Photo: wetpaint

Ah, the Dr. Dolittle movies. Classic cinema, no? All you need to remember is (1) Eddie Murphy’s hair was crazy, (2) Raven was precocious, (3) Aaliyah had that song “Are You That Somebody” on the soundtrack and (4) there was no way Eddie Murphy could get that woman to marry him.

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

"Comin at cha from another universe!" Photo: Disney

If you don’t remember Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, then you were deprived of spandex, metal and names like Nebula and Proto Zoa. Not to mention catch phrases like “macro!” and “zedis lepedis!” It was a really fun movie when we were little. Raven was Nebula, Zenon’s best friend. She also appeared in Zenon: The Zequel and Zenon: Z3 even if they weren’t as good as the first movie because that’s what best friends do.

Cheetah Girls

"We are sisters! We stick together!" Photo: Disney

There were so many high quality photos of the Cheetah Girls that I could have chosen, but I think this was the best choice. (Believe or not, I used to dress like Adrienne Bailon in this movie when I was in 8th grade too. Classy.) The Cheetah Girls were BFF’s on a mission to share their girl power-alicious music with the world while fighting prejudice and early 2000s fashion faux pas. Listen to their catchy songs!

Kim Possible

"Club Banana discount card?! Jealous!" Photo: So the Drama

Wasn’t Kim Possible a super awesome cartoon? Wasn’t it great that you could just call and/or beep her if you wanted to reach her? I thought so. Raven voiced Kim’s only lady friend Monique (Ron Stoppable does not count in this category or the mole rat). She worked at Club Banana, which was totally legit! It’s rare we ever have an actual excuse to hear the Kim Possible theme song these days, so enjoy!

That’s So Raven

Vision Face Photo: Disney

And the ultimate Raven show would have to be That’s So Raven! Check out that lovely face she would get whenever she had a psychic vision. Following her visions Raven would attempt to right wrongs or avoid awkward situations by wearing things like this:

"I'm Foxy Cleopatra and I'm a whole lotta woman!" Photo: Disney

or like this:

What is that? Photo: Poison Upple

I don’t know where Raven got all these props, wigs and accessories or why she thought it would be less awkward to be disco queens, plumbers or old men with Jesus beards, but she did. Raven wasn’t the precocious girl for once – she was just crazy. And we loved it!

Raven’s new show — State of Georgia— airs tonight on ABC Family at 8:30p.m.



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2 responses to “Raven’s Greatest Hits

  1. Raven Symone is an American treasure. I hope she stays one forever.

  2. I love Raven a true natural comedian!

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