Pretty Little Poll: Do You Think Ian Is Dead?

It seemed like Ian was pretty dead in last season’s finale, no? That was a big drop. He was hanging from a bell. There was a rope around his neck. And for once, he wasn’t sketchily pretending that he didn’t know what Spencer was talking about. The obvious explanation for his missing body three minutes later was that A took it. Now I’m not so sure…

"Spencer, you can't kill me. Even if I were to tragically fall after a push from a masked figure in the near future..." Photo: Wetpaint

Between the missing body, missing camping gear, Melissa pretending she didn’t go out despite her rain gear telling a different tale and the weird texts on Melissa’s phone I’m officially torn.

Is it really Ian? Or A being wily? Photo: ABC Family

Maybe Ian’s a crafty handsome jerk and played dead so he wouldn’t get in trouble? Maybe A wants him out of town? Maybe he really is dead and A has so much freaking free time that they’re pretending he’s alive for kicks?

What do you think? Vote Now!


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