Sneak Peek: Michelle Obama on iCarly

As if iCarly wasn’t already a hot spot for celebrities  — Jane Lynch, Jim Parsons and Jack Black have all been on the show — a new big name is coming to the Nickelodeon hit. That’s right, First Lady Michelle Obama is going to guest star on an episode of iCarly (Random Dancing)!

Mrs. O, I salute you! Photo:

According to E! the First Lady is stopping by the show to raise awareness about Joining Forces, an initiative that honors and supports military families. Supposedly, creator Dan Schneider wrote the episode specifically for Mrs. Obama and Joining Forces.

Lucky for fans, this will not be too crazy of a reach; in the series, Carly and Spencer’s dad is serving overseas. The plot of this episode will center around Sam and Freddie breaking some rules so Carly can talk to her dad. Mrs. Obama will hear about their efforts and then speak to them about how important it is for families to connect with soldiers.

Personally, I’m super excited. I love Mrs. O — she’s smart, chic and does great work  — and after seeing her do “the dougie” she can do no wrong in my opinion. On top of that, Joining Forces sounds like a great initiative! Soldiers connecting with their families is definitely of great importance!

The episode airs in January.

Will you be watching? Looking forward to Mrs. O’s appearance? Tell me in the comments!


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