Jenna’s Creepiest Creeper Moments

If there’s one thing Pretty Little Liars doesn’t lack, it’s creepiness. The title of biggest creeper on the show probably goes to Jenna. She may be blind, but she certainly knows how to look terrifyingly creepy. Here are some of the creepiest shots of Jenna creeping on Pretty Little Liars:

Can you see her in the distance? Photo: ABC Family

In the Season 2 premiere, as the Liars were pulled into an alley with a cop (also Jenna’s lover) to talk about their story, Jenna magically showed up creeping in the background. How did she know they would be in THAT alley?! How did she find her way there? Why did she need to be there — wouldn’t her cop boyfriend fill her in later? Creeper…

While Ezra and Aria are discussing Noel’s blackmail, they whisper their outrage when suddenly —

"Boo!" Photo: TV Recappers Anonymous

Jenna walks up and says, “Am I interrupting?” How does she know everything? How does she always know where to stand so it will be the scariest? Why does she always have that creepy smile?

"Can she see me?" Photo: ABC Family

Seriously, she’s always smirking. Does she always know when you’re there? Creeper…

"Kiss me!" Photo: WetPaint

Sometimes Jenna likes to up her creepy game with attempts to seduce her brother. In Season 1, episode 12, Jenna creeped up behind Toby when he was sulking on the porch before telling him she’s the only one for him. Then she grabbed his face and kissed him. That’s not just creepy, it’s disgusting and illegal. Creeper…

"Walk quietly. I want to frighten the children!" Photo: TV Recappers Anonymous

In the first episode ever, Jenna shows up to Allie’s funeral. The Liars immediately freak. Though we later learn the exact reason why — they sort of blinded her — I think it’s safe to assume that they were just creeped out by her weird sunglasses.

"I see you." Photo: ABC Family

Seriously, weirdest most reflective glasses ever! Creeper…

Really, a flute? Photo: TV Recappers Anonymous

In Season 1, episode 18, the girls were trying to make a little school play while also trying to deal with an anonymous murderer and junk. Jenna was particularly creepy in this episode. After making sure Toby couldn’t go to his friendship breakfast with Emily, she randomly decided to sit on the porch and start playing the creepiest tune on a flute ever. Creeper…

Nice lighting! Photo: ABC Family

In the Season 1 finale Jenna decided that she hated being the creepiest person on the show…So she called Ian from her bedroom and convinced him to murder Spencer. I don’t know what’s creepier, Ian accepting calls from blind high school girls so he can cover up his past molesting of an eighth grader or the fact that Jenna always manages to creep so well from her bedroom. Creeper…

"Kiss me, my brother won't!" Photo: ABC Family

In the same episode it’s revealed that Jenna has another pair of eyes around Rosewood. That weird cop who pretends he’s friends with the Liars. He came to her room for a kiss while she was creepily standing in front of her window pretending to stare at something. Creeper…

Make-up time! Photo: ABC Family

Jenna can put on make-up. Sure. But why does she need to lean into the mirror for a look if she’s blind? Creeper…

They don't even see her coming. Photo: ABC Family

Sometimes Jenna just likes to creep up behind people when they’re talking (like the Aria/Ezra moment above). How does she know when and where to find them? Those poor little Liars don’t even see her coming. Creeper…

"I totally wasn't sitting here a minute ago! Creepy, huh?" Photo: ABC Family

Jenna also loves creeping from her porch when she’s not kissing Toby there. Sometimes she pretends she doesn’t know who it is. Usually she’s dismissing Spencer or Emily. She doesn’t need those bitches all up on her man, uh, I mean, brother. Creeper…

She has feelings? Photo: ABC Family

One of the scariest things I’ve ever seen happened after Hanna slapped the crap out of Jenna — and rightfully so — for paying Caleb to spy on Hanna. Jenna took her glasses off, which always creeps me out. Even scarier is that she’s crying. I didn’t think she could feel anything other than how hard her cane hit the floor. Creeper…

And the biggest creeper moment of all time goes to Jenna’s time in a dressing room.

EWWWWW Photo: TV Recapper Anonymous

Jenna decided to try on some lace…because Toby likes lace. That is the nastiest thing I’ve ever heard or seen. It’s creepy quota is only increased by the fact that she’s standing in front of a mirror trying it on. I THOUGHT YOU COULDN’T SEE CRAZY! Creeper…

Do you think Jenna is a creeper? What’s your favorite Jenna creeper moment? Tell me in the comments!


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    This post is hilarious!

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