9 Ways Chloe King & Teen Wolf Are Similar

Now that I’ve watched both Teen Wolf and The Nine Lives of Chloe King, I can compare and contrast. For example, Chloe has two friends and Scott only has one. Chloe is pretty cool — she dances, she sneaks into night clubs and knows how to work a tank top! Scott is lame — he’s not really good at anything before he becomes a wolf. Chloe King is a fun show with lots of karate and way too much girl squealing whereas Teen Wolf is creepy and moody with way too much lacrosse.

"I'm more Buffy than Teen Wolf, wouldn't you say?" Photo: TV Fanatic

Despite these differences, there were quite a few similarities. And I’m not just talking about the secret teen creature bit. Here are nine such weird similarities:

1. Eye Color Changes. While Scott’s eyes turn a lovely shade of hazel, Chloe’s become a sassy shade of green with kitty cat slits. I don’t know why your eye color changing signals other-creature-ness (because some people’s eye color changes just when they change shirts) but its worth nothing that both shows pick that to focus on when characters access their powers.

Hazel Eyes Photo: Latina

2. They’re Both in Single Parent Homes. Both Scott and Chloe live with their mommas. Maybe it’s because moms are legit? Or maybe it stresses that their are few people close to them? Either way I think it’s interesting that these kids have no dads, or visible dads. As far as we can tell, only Chloe is adopted. Still, mommas rule.

3. They Have Wacky Friends! Scott’s bestie is Stiles. Stiles is funny, addicted to adderall and knows everything about lycanthropy. Meanwhile Chloe is stuck with Amy. Amy bothers her at work, doesn’t know anything about the Mai and happens to be ridiculous. Personally I think Stiles and Amy would make a great couple. He can’t talk to girls, she wants a boyfriend. They both have friends with ancient supernatural abilities. Match made in teen television heaven!

4. They Like to Jump on Things! Chloe King can leap a car in a single bound. And when she does it, she perches in a pose like Trinity from the Matrix.

On a car... Photo: ABC Family

She also spends a lot of time on roofs. Scott likes to crawl up rafters and run through the woods. They’re both super agile, so they can leap into the air before you and I can say, “upgrade your special effects, please.”

...On a roof... Photo: MTV

5. They Both Have Creepy Mentors. Alek has a cute accent, but he creepily cornered Chloe, touched her in what I like to call “the no-no zone” and then began sniffing her. SNIFFING HER. Before saying, “you smell really good.” What a creeper!

Alek likes to smell...people. Photo: ABC Family

Meanwhile Scott’s mentor Derek is old and stares at teens. He has dead bodies buried in his backyard. His house is dilapidated and he bites teenagers in the woods. You can decide which is worse: sniffing teen girls or biting teen boys.

Derek is getting arrested. Cool. Photo: TV Recappers Anonymous

6. They Need to File Their Finger Nails!Chloe literally scratched the crap out of some homeless man who attempted to molest her. She also digs her nails into her date. Her nails are like two full inch too long with pointed edges and no polish! (For shame!) If you think that’s bad, Scott’s fingernails aren’t just ugly and long, they’re accompanied by hair. Lots of hair. I swear, if Chloe King starts coughing up hairballs, I’m done!

"Let's get a mani!" Photo: Just Jared

7. Dead Bodies Everywhere! Scott and Stiles went in search of a dead body and found half of one. They dig up dead bodies. And if Scott isn’t careful, he will kill someone, which leaves, you know, a dead body. Every time Chloe kisses a normal human boy he dies. Well, there goes her social life. I haven’t seen this many dead bodies in a TV show since…True Blood? The Sopranos? Basically, any show on HBO.

8. They Just Want Some Lovin’! Chloe is juggling “kitty hat” boy, Alec and the dead boy. Well, I guess she’s not juggling him anymore. Whatever. But she’s like super appealing to all men because she’s cat-like. Which is weird cause I’m pretty sure men prefer dogs. Scott is obsessed with Allison. He wants it bad. Sadly, just as Chloe kills her lover boys, Scott unleashes his inner-wolf (no pun-intended) and would probably kill Allison too. Maybe they should just date each other? That would would put Romeo and Juliet to shame.

9. Hunters! Assassins! Oh My! Scott is chased around — and shot — by these weird hunters. They’re 40 year old men who wear black and leather and carry crossbows. Chloe got pushed off a building (and died) by a weird assassin from “the order.” He had a scratch on his cheek, wore black and leather and stalked her. At first I was going to suggest that Teen Wolf’s hunters are way more badass. But Chloe King‘s assassin didn’t have a crossbow and he pretty much got the job done without it anyway.

Did you notice any other similarities between Chloe King and Teen Wolf? There are like a bajillion! Which show do you think is better? Tell me in the comments!



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7 responses to “9 Ways Chloe King & Teen Wolf Are Similar

  1. My big discovery this week when it comes to superhero/sci-fi anything is that the characters always have daddy issues and their daddy issues outweigh their mommy issues. Either the mom is present (these shows), noticeably dead (like in Super 8) or completely unmentioned (Green Lantern). This genre perplexes me.

  2. Marian

    You forgot the fact that “kitty hat’s” father is hunting Chloe and Allison’s father is hunting Scott. They’re literally the same show.

  3. Shane

    Here is a list I came up with for another forum.

    1) A teen hero being raised by a divorced mother.
    2) Both main characters have animal powers that they either just acquired or found out they have.
    3) Both main characters have another or others of the same breed trying to tutor them in their new found powers and trying to help them hide the powers from the populace.
    4) Both main characters are amazed at their new powers and are discovering the pluses and minuses.
    5) Both main characters have best friends who know of their powers and think its cool and are trying to help them discover them and want to be with them during their endevours.
    6) Both main characters are being hunted by a secret organization who hate their kind and want to wipe them from existence.
    7) Both of the secret organizations are headed by an individual whose wife was obviously killed by one of the group they are hunting and that’s why they have a vendetta.
    8) Both main characters are dating the child of the head of those secret organizations and either the parent doesn’t know their child is dating them or they don’t know that they are of the kind they are hunting.

  4. Emily

    To be fair, Alek’s creepy sniffing had a purpose: confirming his suspicions that she was, in fact, Mai. Being part animal, the nose knows, I suppose… Either way, I can’t bring myself to watch any show with a title like Teen Wolf, so I gotta go with Chloe King for the (biased) win.

  5. isabel

    io teen wolf non lo seguo. ma vedendo chloe king è davvero bellissimo a me piace da morire spero duri !! 🙂

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