What the Heck Are They Wearing?!

Aren’t you oh so happy Pretty Little Liars is back on TV again? Last night’s episode had me sweating so much I looked like Ezra Fitz all greased up for his big shirtless scene!

"You know, sheen is no replacement for toning in the gym..." Photo: ABC Family

[SPOILER ALERT] I’m really starting to feel bad for these girls. Everyone thinks they’re crazy and lying. Ian is maybe dead. They’re not allowed to talk to each other anymore. Noel is smirking everywhere (I hate anyone who smirks…unless they’re Draco Malfoy). And A knows their every move. As Hanna said, “I’m starting to think that bitch has super powers!” We still don’t know who killed Allie, what creepy plan A has that requires Ezra’s key or if Emily will get home in time to stop A from wiping those files off her computer!

There was also this mystery…

WHAT IS THIS?! Photo: ABC Family

 MONA, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! Is that a white shirt covered in a see-through striped witch dress with a floral off-white belt?! One: Where did you find all of those terrible things? Two: What made you think they went together? Three: How did you have the time or patience to layer them? And four: Why does the black witch dress sheath have a black square over one boob and not the other? Does the witch sheath also have pleats? Oh, it does!

You know, the Liars often wear some weird stuff, but it’s fashionably weird. There is nothing chic or couture about this Mona. It’s just hideous!

Before Mona debuted her witch sheath, Aria showed off a new look too:

Aria, you were doing so well with those earrings... Photo: ABC Family

ARIA MONTGOMERY, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! You know at Halloween there are those costume shops that sell “sexy” costumes. And there’s always a “sexy witch costume” and a “pirate wench costume.” Well Aria, could you clarify? Is this the “sexy witch” or “pirate wench?”

At least she redeemed herself with super cute earrings!

Nice! Photo: ABC Family

Sadly this close-up also draws attention to the weird ruffles around the collar of her sexy pirate witch wench costume.

What did you think of last night’s episode? How about the clothes? Super chic or super eek? Tell me in the comments!


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