Why Switched at Birth Is So Bad

Based on all the advertisements, I never expected Switched at Birth to be a great show. Not even a good show. But I figured it would be an Ok show. Alas, ABC Family has let me down because it is an awful show.

"It's not my fault our show sucks..." Photo: ABC Family

Like really bad. Here’s why: Everything is too in your face. I don’t mean graphic or gritty or real. I mean, they break things down and repeat them over and over again like I’m two years old.

Is the blood test wrong or is she a mutant? Photo: ABC Family

In the first ten minutes of the first episode we’re given all these weird explanations for why the Kennish family thinks Bay is their daughter paired with hints that she’s not. Like:

-Her grandmother is Italian and that’s where she gets her lovely coloring

– She must be a mutant so that’s why her blood type doesn’t match up to her parents.

-She and her mom never agree on ANYTHING or like the same things, but it’s just because she’s a teenager

Um, ABC Family. I know what the title of this show is. Switched at Birth. So I already got it! Thanks! Plus I saw the promo photos. Bay looks nothing like her family! And Kathryn, Toby and Daphne have all been forced to dye their hair the same dull shade of blonde to remind me they’re related. I GOT IT!

To top things off, it’s awkward but not sad. I feel like I’d be way more upset about this. And I’d probably sue some people. Instead the families have an awkward lunch meeting with inappropriate questions and Bay showing us her sparkling personality.

Bay, you're really challenging Emily from Make It Or Break It for Most Annoying Character Photo: ABC Family

Did I mention Bay is annoying? And bitchy? And annoying? And immature? And condescending? God, she’s so annoying and unlikeable! Which makes it hard for me to understand her troubles during this ordeal/discovery.

Daphne is likeable. She’s smart and sweet. But her mom, Regina, isn’t. She’s understandably defensive, but also annoying (like biological mother, like biological daughter, eh Bay?) Did I mention Bay’s parents are kind of prejudiced? And maybe even racist? And blame Regina for Daphne being deaf? And did a background check…

Daphne's nice. There's nothing wrong with her. But there's nothing right either... Photo: ABC Family

Daphne is deaf, in case ABC Family didn’t stress that enough. My favorite moment of “Daphne’s Deaf and It’s The WORST THING EVER BECAUSE SHE’LL NEVER BE NORMAL, even though she is” is when her biological father, John, drops her off at home late at night — you know, on the wrong side of the tracks — and she hugs him before walking off without her sweater. He calls to her, but she can’t hear. It hits him — she really is deaf. Then we hear every sound she’s never been able to hear. This includes:

– An ice cream truck

– A dog barking

-A helicopter

-A train in the distance whizzing by on the tracks

He just heard an ice cream truck whiz by and it broke his heart. Photo: ABC Family

As Joel McHale pointed out on The Soup, why was there an ice cream truck driving by at midnight? That’s creepy. Also when did her dad get super hearing? Was he bitten by the same werewolf as the kid on Teen Wolf?

Anyway, everything is so predictable. Bay is going to hook up with a kid from Daphne’s neighborhood. Bay’s old boyfriend is into Daphne. Bay gets arrested and she and Regina agree that piercings are no big deal, despite Kathryn’s protests. (Did I mention Kathryn is Lea Thompson? And Regina is Constance Marie? I love how women who had movie careers in the 80’s and TV careers in the 90’s are now jumping onto ABC Family shows for hope of a resurgence a la Molly Ringwald or Melissa Joan Hart) Toby is nice to Daphne, but he was once in High School Musical so not having him dance or sing made me angry.

If Sharpay isn't joining this number, I'm over it. Photo: ABC Family

Daphne wants to go to the prep school, but Regina doesn’t want her to be “the deaf kid,” which is understandable, but mom, one day she’s not going to have you as an interpreter. Come on.

Bay is more than annoying. She's an artist! And a spy! Photo: ABC Family

Bay’s also an artist…or something. I just can’t keep up. Not because it’s difficult to follow, but because ABC Family has put so much effort into squeezing out all room for thinking or feeling in this show that I’m bored.

Is Switched at Birth as awful as The Secret Life?

Worse! Why? Because The Secret Life may be bad, but when it’s on your TV you can’t turn away. That show has likeable characters and it’s a guilty pleasure. There is no pleasure in Switched at Birth.

If you dare, Switched at Birth airs Mondays at 9 on ABC Family.



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73 responses to “Why Switched at Birth Is So Bad

  1. UGH SWITCHED AT BIRTH. First of all, DW Moffett should always play the villian à la Friday Night Lights and never the good, doting yet slightly clueless father. Second of all, did you catch that the girl who plays Bay was also April on Gilmore Girls? Aka Luke’s secret daughter aka the sign and reason that show REALLY jumped the shark. I’m sure she’s better than that role and this one, but dislike this actress on the sole principle that she signaled the death of Gilmore Girls.

    • I completely agree, she destroyed Gilmore girls. I can’t handle her voiceee.

      • Lily dawn

        Gilmore Girls sucked. My cousin loved that show. It was way to slow for my taste. I mean really? A woman who eats with her rich parents and tags along her daughter! She was obviously trying to get in the will.

  2. hannah

    switched at birth rocks
    my fav shows are :switched at birth, pretty little liars,teen wolf and the nine lives of chloe king!

  3. Jenna

    I love switched at birth! You are crazy!

    • Emily

      Hahaha I agree too! 🙂

      • emma weszol

        i totally agree… i like some of the cast and mostly i like Bay the only thing i do not like about her is that she is too dramatic but i think that is part of the series. if you do not like it just stop watching it and shut up!!

  4. Annie

    I also like it.

  5. Simone

    Switched at Birth is one of the most racist shows I have ever seen. I never would have expected ABC to produce something like this.
    1. ABC makes Bey the rebellious one out the two girls: she drinks, has a lot of sex, does graffiti, disobeys her parents, sneaks around all the time. Yup – – – typical spanish/minority kid — the way the media portray minorities is crazy. All of the sudden it makes sense that Bey acts the way she does . . .because she’s 1/4 latina. GIVE ME A BREAK!
    2. Daphne- a sweet nice girl, athletic, smart, and funny. Have sex with Liam? NEVER!! Daphne knows better than not to have sex with her ridiculously hot boyfriend (I would snag him up quick). Daphne is dealing soo much better than Bey because Bey is just a self-centered girl.
    3. FUNNY: When ABC portrayed Regina’s character as only wanting to go on a date with Bruce because it has “been a while since she got laid”. Oh ABC . . . the infamous image of the over zealous sexual craving latina. HOW ORIGINAL. Then you have the white mother seeming as if she never heard of anything like casual sex before. Of course not! White women only go on dates to find potential husbands, never for casual sex.

    • Lilith

      I did not take it that way at all really the only type of Prejudiced I saw was between the hearing and the Deaf witch is how it really is actually I thought till I looked it up it was based off a true story GO ABC! Keeping it REAL!

    • Brooklynne

      Not being rude but just out of honesty, I think you’re the one being kind of racist, I know many women who are white and have casual sex. Just saying. Also, BAY is spelled with an A not an E. Bay never had sex, as she mentioned in the episode when Ty left for the Army. Daphne got closer to having sex with Toby’s friend Wilke than Bay did with Ty, (as seen in the episode where Daphne finds out Regina kept the secret that she knew about the switch from her). AND Daphne was the one out getting drunk with Wilke…so she is badass too. The show isn’t racist. You should actually watch the show sometime for real.

      • Mitch feuer

        I agree with Brooklynne. Not everything has to be heavy and racist. Sometimes it is just fun to watch fluff on TV (like listening to light pop). Don’t go looking for conspiracy theories everywhere!

    • Dana

      Dude I am so GLAD somebody else noticed all the racism. I thought I was imagining it at first. Also what is with the smugness of the rich couple? They act like they are the only ones with any responsibility and morality in the whole thing!

      And as if Regina would have ever moved in them- she spent her whole life being strong- logically if you gave her the choice between rich plebs and my TRUE friends 1400 miles away I’d choose true friends all the way! It was soo against the character they were obviously trying to establish AND IT WAS ONLY THE SECOND EPISODE.

    • Sophie

      In all reality it *is* just a tv show. I think eveyone should just enjoy it and if they cant just dont complain about it.

    • c. merino

      I agree completely!! It seems to me like the Hispanic mother is the one with the alcohol problems, the one that held the big secret, the one with no money, the one that makes the wrong choices. Yet the other parents are portrayed as constantly in love, so giving and generous, rich, always wanting to do the right thing, etc. It is extremely racist and it portrays Hispanics in a bad light. How about they give that family some more positive qualities, instead of focusing on all their skeletons. They should also make sure to point out that the other “perfect” family isnt so perfect.

      • Mitch feuer

        Regina, the single mother Hispanic alcoholic, managed to raise a wonderful, sweet, athletic, smart girl like Daphne. So I think that is saying something very postive about Hispanic women, as opposed to the WASPS that raised kids who gamble, lie, break into school, steal tests, cheat, vandalize, etc. Regina is portrayed as much more realistic and given the choice, I’d prefer that than the 2 uptight, anal, delusional white parents.

    • Michaela

      I would like to point out the fact that Bay is actually a virgin in the show and has never slept with anyone, so that point is kind of off. I truly enjoy watching Switched at Birth. I’m hooked.

      • Michaela

        And also it doesn’t just portray the hispanic side of it as doing all the wrong. It shows quite a few scandalous things about the Kennish family as well. I’m not sure if you guys are just judging off of one episode or what.

      • Alphonse

        In all honesty, I do not think the show is racist. I think the show is classist. The Kennish’s look down on Regina not because she’s Latino, a lot of rich kids at the stupid school are ethnic minorities, but because she hasn’t got any money. How can you raise a child without piles and piles of cash?! Obviously she spent all of her money on drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, why else would she be poor? The way that the Kennish’s immediately assumed that Regina didn’t get Daphine a cochlear implant because she was poor, not because she’s capable of making an informed decision, although that’s not just classism there, that’s disability discrimination as well.

        I think in that sense, it is realistic. I have significant impairments that don’t impair my IQ(learning difficulties and a pervasive developmental disorder), and I am discriminated against, treated as incompetent and incapable, teased and laughed at because of them. Also, rich people can be very, very classist. Poor people can be very classist too. I think portraying discrimination so blatantly helps show the audience how absurd it is to discriminate. I know you may be thinking, ‘well, of course it is’, but a lot of people obviously don’t, or they wouldn’t discriminate.

        Bay is freaking irritating though. Also, John Kennish is so smug I want to rip off his smug little face.

    • Tessa

      You clearly haven’t been paying attention. Bay does not drink, shes a virgin, creates art. Race does not exist, we are all genetically alike, there is no difference. Daphne had several boyfriends whom almost had sexual activities with them, she acctually did with one. He dumpster after. She acctually appeared in his home and did it ! So yeah, it was her choice. The guy was much older than her. Bay managed to stay with emit with out having sex. He is deaf, so she learned sign language to communicate with him. Is she still self-centered ? Regina is single, her husband left her. Of course she wants to have sex ! What woman wouldn’t after years ! “The white woman” is married, and extremely happy with her husband. Plus, Switched at Birth is not produced by ABC family. Idiot.

    • Krissandra

      “Bay” was not having sex with a bunch of guys! She lost her virginity late in season 2. Daphne however was the more promiscuous one of the two. Get your facts straight before running your mouth.

  6. It’s a great show! & Simone, its not racist! Just because the bad 1 isn’t white doesn’t mean its racist & the white 1 is deaf so neither of them r perfect like I guess every1 thinks they have 2 be! It actually gives me respect 4 rich, poor, Italian, Mexican, black, white & deaf people.

  7. kitkat2148

    I think switched at birth is a great show.it keeps u wondering. also its a rare case not everyday u hear of ppl being switched (fiction or real). dont put i show down just because you think it is bad. some ppl like it

  8. BrownnBone

    Shut Up !!!!!!!!!! Switched at birth is chills , Its KOOL , If Youu Aint watch it from the beqqiininq thn aparently YOUU not qunna like itt ! Thts my 2nd favorite show , Pretty lil liars is 1st PLACE , && Secrete life is 3rd .

  9. I thought the premise of switched at birth was annoying at first but it’s grown on me. To be honest at first I thought Bay was annoying and bitching but if you actually pay attention she’s just acting up. Through most the show it’s like the parents only care about Daphne, so Bay acts out does bad things just so everyone else will notice her. I think you should revisit this show now after watching the episodes up to today, ever show needs a chance. And with you statement about Secret Life you are so right, except when I get half way through and realize “wow, these actors really suck…that or the script was written but Tommy from the Pinball wizard.” But I do like how you annotated the show but it sounds like you’ve only watch the first 2 or 3 episodes. Give it a chance. ^_^

  10. Nadabean

    I watch and enjoy Switched at Birth. I hardly think it’s fair to say it’s so terrible with all the other cliche and just plain bad ‘teen dramas’ there are. From what I’ve seen of Secret Life, it’s all about sex. Awesome. At least Switched does something a bit different, even if it does kind of shove it in your face. To each his own, though.

  11. Felicia

    At first i hated the previews but then i watched the show it is freaking awesome i see what you mean about the sluttish tendencies but hey that is up to how the child was raised and with emmet as her bestie of course daphne is a goodie goodie emmet is awsome though and way hot its just sad that his mom is racist against people who can hear i like emmet with bay but oh gosh what will he do when daphne says she likes him i am salivating for the next episode

  12. Jayleen

    – Damnn People. I’m In Love With Switched At Birth.

    You Guys Needa Be Put In A Mental Institute Cause Bay Is Nice. Daphne Is Bitchinq For No Reason While Bay Is Just Trynna Find Peace Within This Whole Thinq. Emmet&&’Bay Belonq Toqetherr. ❤

    • LuckyMeg

      Bay is nice yes but at same time she is bitch too. She didnt know know that Daphne gave up Liam just for Bay to be happy. Daphne trying to find peace between two of them. But it is competition for Daphne when she find out that she really does love Emmett. Beside, usually History always win. why? because They know each others’ button and when and not to push it. and Secondly I also believe. Hearing and Deaf dating? RARELY works. I know. i love Switched at Birth. I am extreme fan of it. I did push WWE for another time just for that show. it is extremely interesting and keeping me guess at what gonna happen next.

    • Emma

      Omg YESSS!!! That I so ttotally how I feel!!! Daphne’s a jealous bitch and bay is totally in love with emmet…..the last episode where he spoke was so romantic!!!

    • Lily dawn

      I like Bay. Everyones always awe Daphne this…awe Daphne that. Gosh it drives me nuts! Then Daphne not only won’t let Bay have Ty she also wants Liam AND Emmett! Gosh she is so annoying! I don’t hate the actress though. She seems nice.

  13. Alomestria

    I love switched at birth and racist really? ha! and personally i think Bay is inspiring she desided not to have sex cause there was no protections then cause she didnt feel it was right she is a good teen

  14. Jackie

    First off the actress (Vanessa Marano) that plays Bay is one of the worst actresses Ive ever seen. There are scenes were that she played in were at best God awful and forced. Katie Leclerc (Daphne) is a way better actress. I can not believe ABC would even hire her. The crying scenes were laughable. The plot is really predictable but its crazy how easy they make it to not like the Regina and Bay charcters. They set them up to be (like you said) annoying, bitchy, condesending, and hypocrites. I still cant get my head around how Vanessa gets work more power to you that you can get a job and have no talent!

  15. Allyson M

    i personally find that daphne, despite her “handicap” is turning out to be a mega bitch. Bay was snobby but trying to be an outcast, different from her school yet close to her family. Daphne could have easily taken Liam back if she TRULY wanted to but instead she goes and tries to say that Bay forced her hand. All she said was that breaking up with liam if their places were reversed was what she would have done. And she is just using Emmet which i’m pretty sure we can all agree on…her life comes to a huge mix-up crisis point, she sees Bay happy for the first time in weeks,with Emmet no less, but because she is going through a bad time she has to take Bay down too. She doesnt seem to even realize that in the process of trying to “get back” at Bay for bieng happy she is hurting her best friend too.

    • Tina

      I don’t think she’s trying to be malicious and take Bay down with her. I think she’s just as lost as Bay with all the sudden changes and even if she’s not outwardly miserably and sniping at everyone like Bay, she’s still confused and hurt. And she sees Bay taking away the ONE person that was still only hers and she tries to stop it. Maybe she didn’t really love him the way Emmett loved her but she was desperate and she did love him as friends at the very least. I think she was willing to date him just to keep him, and that’s only if she didn’t really realize she loved him romantically. Also, Emmett didn’t love Daphne too much if he moved on so quickly, so you can’t even really feel like she was playing with his emotions. And she didn’t get back with Liam because despite Bay seeming to realize it wasn’t her place to bitch about that relationship, the reasons—that it upset Bay—didn’t change. Bay would have backed off but she still would have been hurt and Daphne was trying to make peace. Didn’t work obviously, because Bay hoped right from Daphne’s big-brother figure to her best friend. Who’s the real bitch here?

  16. Court

    all I have to say for a bunch of people that don’t like the show you know a lot about it. if you don’t like it, why watch it? its a good show!

  17. Molly

    I just now watched the first episode and was pretty appalled. It portrays the white parents as intolerant racists and ignorant schlubs who ask dumbass questions and think minorities are poor and loose. And they’re crappy to people with disabilities and flail around like morons. And Bay doesn’t like school or studying and gets arrested? Why? Because she’s half-Puerto Rican? WTH?

    • Michaela

      Bay was never arrested…Emmet was arrested later on in the new season. Bay never was.

      • Alphonse

        Yes, yes she was. She was arrested for buying alcohol with a fake ID, and she gives Daphne’s name, so Regina gets a phone call and freaks out.

    • Tina

      I don’t think it has anything to do with race. I think they just put too much stock in nature instead of nurture. Bay is the artistic, tempermental, free-spirited trouble maker and Daphne is the sweet, even-tempered, athletic, good girl. I mean, sure, some of those things could be inherited, but you’re telling me they got NOTHING from the parents that raised them for almost 16 years? Daphne never saw her mom paint and tried it? She didn’t pick up music from Angelo? Bay never cooked with her own mother or found any sport at all that she liked? I don’t really buy it.

  18. Amber

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Switched at Birth, the ASL community, in my opinion, has never properly been brought forth to popular television. We see this in the episode where Daphne is made fun of. Maybe this will open some peoples’ eyes. I think ABC has done a wonderful job.

  19. I liked the show a lot. I think Bay is strong and awesome sometimes a little about her, but what teenager isn’t. Daphne, goody two shoes, too polite, too easy going drives me a little insane and she wears crappy clothing…Bay’s much more interesting ….. The only thing I really hate, is the parents have not ever THOUGHT about learning sign language!!!! Not once has ANY ONE mentioned them learning to sign. That part has annoyed me more then the father’s pushing Daphne at basketball.
    Tye shouldn’t have left. I cried.
    Toby needs to lose the red hair, doesn’t suit him and he needs to talk to his parents about gambling and get help, idiot.
    Lea Thompson I like her, but her character is a little boring, staid and so stereotypical of a rich wife who does nothing.
    Daphne’s mother, beautiful, interesting, and love her sense of clothing style but hasn’t tried very hard to get to know Bay who is a lot like her.I will watch more.

    • Tina

      Bay is strong? That dumb bitch has cried about EVERYTHING! Like the whole situation has only happened to her and not to both families. And yes, I can see how Daphne is a bit boring, but I think I’d prefer it to someone who makes absolutely everything about herself. And as for Regina, she’s more like Toby than Mr and Mrs Kennish, to her Daphne is her daughter. She loves Bay in an abstract way but she’s raised Daphne and I think she doesn’t believe their arrangement is going to work out. She doesn’t want to get attached and she’s scared the rich parents will be able to take Daphne from her.

  20. Lola

    Are you… kidding me? God, your an idiot!! He heard the sounds like the ice cream truck and the dogs because he is reminded he is in a bad neighborhood! And don’t you go criticizing my favorite show! Bay’s parents are not racist and she is having a really tough time. You just don’t understand this show. How old are you, kid, like 12? Maybe around your 18’s? Because God, if you want to vent about something everyone else LOVES, buy yourself a diary and god, leave us ALOOOONE. (thats 10 minutes of my life I’ll never get back)

  21. i love switched at birth and it shows a lot of real deaf culture. and it is in no way racist, ur the one being racist. you obviously haven’t watched the show, cuz bay never even did it with anyone. They picked a lot of really good actors, and Sean Berdy(Emmett) is SMEXY… (just saying) 🙂

  22. BMK

    This show actually has more meaning than you think it does. Growing up, English was all that I knew how to speak ’cause my parents couldn’t speak the other’s mother tongue. English was their ‘mutual ground’. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I lived in the UK, US, Canada, etc, but I didn’t; I lived, and still do, in an Asian country. When I was in school, everyone would be speaking some foreign language, and there I’d be, making an ass of myself just speaking words no one really understood. I used to be made fun of, too, even by people I thought were my friends. Of course, I did learn how to speak their language eventually. Now, I’m not just bilingual; I’m multi-lingual.

    With that said, I understand where Daphne is coming from. In a way, I’m exactly like her, whereas I spoke English and she signed ASL. But we both learned a new language. For me, it was the local tongue and for her, it was speaking English(which would require speech lessons).

    As for Bay, I totally get her, too. I’m into art, I’m pretty snarky and I used to be really angry, too. If she’s anything like me(which wouldn’t surprise me, as the writers are trying to make the characters as relatable as possible) then she just has a lot of suppressed anger. She’s not being a bitch on purpose; she just can’t help it. And the fact that she was switched at birth? Of course that upset her, which explains her, as you so nicely put it, ‘sparkling personality’. ‘This is not a pipe’, she said. She thought she was something her whole life, and then all of a sudden she’s something else. That is, for lack of a better term, a total mindfuck.

    I could probably point out different views in the points you stated in this entry, but that’d be too long. I’m not saying you were wrong, just that not everyone can get what the show is really about, and not everyone understands why people are the way they are. Do yourself a favor and try thinking outside the box a little.

    • Ally Hickson

      Hi BMK,
      I don’t normally respond to comments but I loved yours! I’m glad that you find a deeper meaning from the show, but my point is that I think you deserve a better a show. One with better acting, better production value and better writing.
      When I wrote this entry, it was based on the first episode alone. Obviously since then the show has grown, but I stand by my viewpoint that it could be much more than it is. I applaud ABC Family for what they have done with the show and for even having this issue, but I sometimes think that ABC Family has grown comfortable making TV that is sappy. And I often think that’s because they believe it’s for teens so who cares. But I do.
      Teens watch Mad Men and True Blood and numerous other shows that commit themselves to creating a great show. Not just drama.
      Thanks for your comments! Hope you’re excited for the new season!

      As for everyone else, I love positive and negative comments alike! Keep on writing! It might even force me to watch an episode of season 2!

  23. newfag

    You would have to be retarded to actually like this show.

  24. CarylRory

    You insane. I LOVE switched at birth. And I’m most definitely not retarted.

  25. Sabrina

    If you guys don’t like it then why do u guys know so much about like the relationships drinking sex it seems u like it cause why would u watch it

  26. sam

    I completely disagree with you. You obviously don’t know what a good show is.

  27. Nataly Sawyer

    I couldn’t even finish reading the review because it’s pretty ridiculous. My comment is for the first 2 paragraphs, this person says that they repeat everything and they know the title of the show soooo they understand whats happening and it is true. But if you think that someone is about to make a show that doesn’t show how the characters got to their main problem in the first place because its in the title than you do deserve someone saying things 10 times to you cause you obviously don’t get the easiest of concepts. I am not a complete fan of this I watch it if I have nothing to do but its not as bad as you claim.

    • Ally Hickson

      Hi Nataly!
      Just to clarify, my problem was not with the show setting up the “switched” dilemma in the pilot. My problem was constantly being beaten over the head with hints of the problem — which we already knew existed from the title– again and again through visuals and conversations that lacked nuance. And if you’re going to just give your show an unimaginative title that tells us the issue up front, you really need to focus on making the set-up for the dilemma interesting.
      Thanks for reviewing!

  28. Ž

    I really like the show, but I think sometimes that I’m not really the target audience for the show — not a teenager, already know privilege 101, etc. Like you, I would find something more nuanced to be more entertaining. But there are a lot of people out there who don’t know privilege 101 yet, and I think it’s great that this show is out there and is popular among teens and that it’s raising issues. It’s true that the ethics start out fairly black and white, and I think it would be a better show if the Kennishes weren’t upper upper upper upper class but were “just” middle class or upper middle class, because the Kennishes are so rich it’s hard to relate to them, harder for viewers to examine their own class privilege.

    The show has come a long way in the past 16 episodes and the ethical questions have gotten more complex. They’ve moved beyond “Daphne is Deaf! That means she can’t hear! That means that the sounds just bounce off her ears and don’t enter her skull! She can’t hear good! Not even ice cream trucks!!!!” which did make me roll my eyes, but I was grateful because I’ve had a lot of conversations with hearing people who can’t figure out what my hearing loss has to do with me not being able to use a phone. Now, Daphne is just Deaf, her biological family is learning sign language, she’s showed as capable and she’s shown self-advocating, etc. I like the lack of tokenism with regards to the Deaf community.

    I’m trying to avoid spoilers, so I’ll keep it vague but Bay is coming to terms with what it means to be Latina and she faces racism from people she was previously close to, which Regina helps her deal with. Daphne also becomes less of a goody-goody, and she’s also seen drinking and stuff later, and Bay is still a virgin (don’t know if Daphne is; it hasn’t come up). Bay & Daphne’s parents are very different in their parenting styles, but if anything, I think Regina is the better mother. The Kennishes are still racist, but they’re…slowly getting better? I think? Still no cookies for the Kennishes but I’m hoping it’ll be a character growth arc for them.

    I do think the show would be more interesting with less teenage drama, but that’s the whole “not a teenager, not the target audience” speaking.

  29. SAB

    this is my absolute favorite show and i dont appreciate u bagging on it like this just because u dont like it. and btw for someone who hates the show so much u pay more attention to it than i do. just sayin…

  30. Melinda

    i would like to know where some of u get off sayin it is racist
    I love the movie and cant wait for more to come out. I agree with those that says its a TV SHOW eithre u like it or u dont n if u dont, please dont say something bout it that isnt true if u havent watched ever ep from the start.

    • LOSERwroteTHISshow

      THIS PIECE OF POO IS DEFINITELY WRITTEN BY DUMB WHITE PEOPLE WITH NO COMMON SENSE. Only someone the same would like it. This show is straight up racist and downing puerto ricans. The one time they show a “puerto rican” family in a tv drama they use some mexican chick to play the puerto rican and an italian to play the rican daughter. No real puerto rican would sell out and play the ignorant roles these morons wrote for them to act out. Puerto ricans are proud. These losers are not ricans. LMAO an “atheist puerto rican”. No such thing. They’re all catholic. The only weak minded losers who are atheist and dont believe in GOD are white. As usual all the dark loser shzt they tried to portray the puerto ricans as are all staereotypes that whites are. LOL. Keep dreaming and wishing… then throwing all the same old weakinded loser wishes and dreams in some loser TV show for the millionth time. Just watched 2 episodes of this pile of poop and couldnt stop laughing at all the bad stereotypes they had that upper middle class looking mexican chick playing out. Seriously grow a pair. Then use em. And no im not puerto rican just laughing at you losers downing them in this crappy show.

  31. Kathy

    I personally love Switched at Birth. I watch it with my daughter. Her grandparents love it as well.

  32. Miss_Cambo

    To be honest if you WATCH the series more you’ll realize that Daphne is the bitch not Bay , Bay is the biggest victim. Everyone sides with Daphne yes she’s deaf but deaf people still get their consequences . The show is a bit off but it’s like a book you have to pretend the reader/viewer know nothing about the show nothing-NADA. My opinion #nohate

    • bee

      How long do I have to watch before I like Bay over Daphne? Like, I know Daphne isn’t perfect… But I can’t stand Bay. Bay is a victim because she always makes herself a victim… and she’s so selfish. God. Everything has to be about her, and how everyone’s hurting her, and how no one cares about her. Initially I did feel bad for her because her family is awful but after awhile, her crying victim all the time gets annoying. And that entire family acts so damn entitled. They act like they deserve every and anything they want. They aren’t entitled to a daughter they didn’t raise, they aren’t entitled to advise her about her life or Regina’s parenting or anything… but they act like they have rights to all those things. It’s no wonder Bay is so obnoxious… she has more of her parents, especially in her personality, than she thinks she does.

  33. Mary

    to be honest I never even noticed the racism. And personally guys I like Regina much more than Daphne’s real biological parents. She’s just so warm and wonderfully easy going and just so REAL. She’s not perfect. She’s real. But I guess everyone has their own view.

  34. Blobathor

    Just watched the first episode, Bay is truly irritating, Daphne looks like she’s in her twenties and Toby (that’s the brother’s name, yes?) needs to get rid of that God awful hair colour! Thus far it seems pretty awful, but I’ll continue watching… In any event, most of the comments here could really do with proof reading, half the comments I could barely understand… I doubt it’s my age….

  35. Mackenzie

    I don’t know what to say about all the racism comments, but I do need to say… Gosh Daphne annoys me!!! She is also a bad actor and her smile is so fake looking. Meh. Hate on my comment I don’t care!

    • Mackenzie

      Also, the show is called “Switched at Birth” not “I’m deaf”. I’m not saying this to be rude about deaf people but the show seems way to revolved around the “deaf” and a lot around Daphne. I don’t even know why I still watch this show, it annoys me. I guess it’s why I still watch Secret Life too. I just don’t get it. They both suck, but they draw you in too?

      • Tina

        I think they made her deaf just to have more contrast, you know? Not only are they from two different neighborhoods and lifestyles, but completely different cultures as well. White, hispanic. Rich, poor. Hearing, deaf. And I think they put so much emphasis on it because if it really happened, the whole ‘deaf’ thing would be a big deal

  36. Just because a show has racist characters in it doesn’t make the show racist. If you where to continue to watch SAB then you would see all the characters develop and change and learn that how they think is wrong. It shows how judging people because of pre conceptions and prejudice is wrong. Its actually a very good show because it shows deaf culture and how capable deaf people are and raises awareness of being sensitive and respectful of deaf people and not dismiss them or think less of them because of their disability. I really enjoy this show because its not too intense like many of the other dramas I watch, Its more light hearted but still without being boring. I do agree tho, nobody gets upset enough when they find out about the switch.

  37. Sofia

    I’m honestly just watching the show because i like Bay’s charactes. I really don’t like Daphne or the Kennish family apart from Bay. As for the racism, i noticed it a lot in the beginning of the third season. All those kids come to Carlton, because their school has been closed or something. People call them “delinquants”, they slash tires, make a lot of noise in class, don’t work and are really rebellious. They give the others attitude and at some point, a girl implies that one of them can’t read well. And surprise surprise, they’re all black. I think it is a scandal that black people are here represented as the trouble makers who aren’t so smart, next to the white kids who are perfect and serious. I was really shocked.

  38. Stinky from Hey Arnold voice
    *This show really bites*
    May I first start by saying this post was so on point & accurate. I like Daphne’s character. I like that hot deaf guy on the motorcycle. The guy from high school musical is cute…..

    Bay Rant*
    AM I REALLY THE ONLY PERSON WHO HAS NOTICED SHE DOES THIS WEIRD EYE THING & LOOKS AT THE CAMERA? Her acting is so forced it hurts. It’s as if she knows the show is getting canceled soon so she doesn’t even try. She talks too fast. She tries too hard to be this quirky awesome lumpy space princess but she fails at life. Is that a wig she’s wearing? Because if it is its the worst one I’ve seen.
    You can tell the other actors aren’t too fond of her either. ABC you’re running out of ideas aren’t you?

    Show more of the motorcycle guy, high school musical kid, Daphne & her new Zucchini eating boyfriend with mean friends please but write Bay & her twitchy eye off the show. Hell… kill her off we don’t care just get rid of her. Matter of fact it’s a wrap… cancel the show Bay ruined it for me.

    Btw I also noticed the pure sadness the father felt when he suddenly heard all those sounds.

    Great post!

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