5 Things I Loved About Skins

In case you’ve been trapped in an elevator because of rolling blackouts due to heat waves, MTV’s Skins has been cancelled. I thought this show was growing, and though I figured it would get cancelled (despite earning higher ratings in its season finale than RJ Berger for its first season finale), I was hoping it would be renewed. If anything I wanted MTV to grow a pair and stick it to the man.

It's over. Photo: MTV

Alas, they did not. *Sigh* If you want to know the truth of why it wasn’t renewed and why that’s sad, I suggest you read this great post on For Cinephiles by a Cinefille. Otherwise, if you just want to mourn with me (or discover what you missed) check out my list of the top 5 things I loved about Skins US.


Skins was an MTV show, which meant a great soundtrack. (Honestly if an MTV show had a bad soundtrack I would demand they change their network name.) What I loved was how the mood and tone of the music changed to suit each character from episode to episode. I particularly loved the songs Daisy performed in her episode, Stanley’s solo and the songs in Tea’s episode — I even bought them on iTunes! Check out Landslide and Stanley’s rendition of Shout!


Quirky and I love it! Photo: MTV

FYI, this show was not Gossip Girl. You didn’t catch these kids in Small Townsville, USA wearing Brian Atwood pumps or YSL blouses. They wore regular kid clothes. Like from Target. And I LOVED IT!

Best windbreaker jacket addition ever. Photo: MTV

Some outfits were tacky and tasteless — I’m looking at you Michelle — but overall, I thought most characters had some sick style. I particularly loved Chris’ wild man looks with crazy jackets and bright colored pants and Cadie’s super quirky, but cute mix of jumpsuits, sweaters and converses.

Monkey Man yo! Photo: MTV

Also pretty cool was when the cast got to play dress up with ELLE’s Joe Zee! He made them all look so chic!

So Chic! That Joe Zee! Photo: Oh-Reckless-Abandon


If Skins did have anything in common with Gossip Girl, it was advertisements that made parents squirm. Of course, Skins UK had these crazy ads first, but for some reason the US could not handle it.They were overwhelmed! How could kids be laying on each other all sweaty-like and in their underwear! Ah! I also enjoyed the character promos. Check ’em out!


If you didn’t know, part of the magic of teen drama is how predictable a show’s conflicts will be. They’re the same in every show, but a series stands out when they bring some nuance to the “My Mom Is Gone and My Dad Is Punishing And Stifling Me Because of Her Misdeeds” storyline. Skins US didn’t really bring much nuance to these typical teen trifles, but I admire any show that can take a stab at almost every teen tragedy in just ten episodes. These cliches include:

– “My Mom Is Gone and My Dad Is Punishing And Stifling Me Because of Her Misdeeds”– “I Want to Be An Artist/Dancer/Actor/Musician, But My Mom/Dad Won’t Allow It”

– “I’m Gay/a Lesbian and I’m Scared to Come Out to My Family”

– “I Can’t Communicate with My Folks”

– “I’m in Love With My Gay/Lesbian Best Friend”– “I’m Gay/a Lesbian But I Keep Hooking Up With a Girl/Guy Because S/He May Be My Match”– “I Was Almost Molested”

– “I Want to Kill Myself”

– “Friends with Benefits”– “I Had Sex With My Best Friend and May Be in Love with Them, Which Scares Me”

– “I’m Addicted to Drugs/Alcohol/Sex/Not Talking”– “My Friends Use Me and Consequently Made Me Realize We Aren’t Really Friends”

– “I’m a Slut and Pretend to Be Stupid So I’m Popular”– “My Boyfriend Cheated on Me”

– ” My Parents Abandoned Me”

– “I Had Sex with My Teacher”– “My Mom Doesn’t Think I’m Pretty”

– “I Lied About Sex”

– “I Have An STD”

– “My Best Friend Betrayed Me”– “A Drug Dealer Tried to Kill Me But My Dad’s In The Mob”


The thing I will miss most about Skins is the thing that also bothers me the most. And that is The Parents Television Council’s inexplicable power-tripping and ability to manhandle sponsors into dropping commercials because they misread the show and for some mixed up reason believed it was child pornography. It’s impressive — bullying a show off the air by shouting allegations of illegality. But it’s also scary; because this could happen to other shows and because MTV didn’t stand by its series (which needed work, but hey, so did RJ Berger and they fixed that). I loved all the controversy; it made Skins exciting and MTV’s most talked about show ever, with the exception of Jersey Shore. But I hated it too.

Skins may have needed work, it may have had mediocre ratings or been a bad idea, but it wasn’t really cancelled for those reasons. And that’s sad. Shows should be cancelled or renewed for things like ratings, acting, plot, etc. Not because its sponsors have been pushed into pulling out of advertising.

Did you watch Skins? What did you love or hate about the show? Shout, shout, let it all out in the comments!


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  1. Did you read my mind? The cliches and the pictures you picked are hilarious. Snaps for Skins!

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